Saturday, August 22, 2009

What A Fine Trifecta That Would Be

MASN Analyst Phil Wood confirmed last night the rumor The African Queen and I had heard earlier this week. My Favorite Player Of All Time!!--Frank Howard--will be in attendance at Nationals Park on the very evening Our Washington Nationals hand out his Washington Senators Bobblehead--August 22nd.

"Hondo" will be introduced to the crowd, but Phil said Our Team did not disclose to him whether the appearance is just to celebrate Howard's D.C. Baseball Career or to possibly also announce a new role for "The Capital Punisher" with D.C. Baseball.

Since the very day it was learned earlier this season that Frank Howard no longer worked for The New York Yankees, many fans have clamored for "Hondo" to become involved with Our Washington Nationals.

Strasburg, Rizzo & Howard all in one week? What a Fine Trifecta that would be!!

Building Our Future While Honoring Our Past.

Sohna and I really hope Frank Howard is coming on board the ride that is Our Washington Nationals.


SenatorNat said...

Perhaps they are going to let him break one or two arms off his statue!! How great would that be, and what an improvement. The Brewers are proof that you can lose even with a jerk that hits .300 and drives in key runs - FLOP. FLOP is on pace to play for every NL team in his career, and not want to be kept by any one team. He and Colume together on one team - remind me not to buy any Brewers' gear anytime soon.

Trust in the Washington Monument. And an obelisk with no arms. All artistic.

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Sonja,
It was great to meet you today! We sit in the section next to you. Great Blog!!


Anonymous said...

I was there from 5:00pm until 7:30pm and never saw Hondo or anything about him on the screen. Very disappointing that a local legend is taken for granted.