Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Virtual 360 Tour of Nationals Park

While everyone of us is waiting for Our Washington Nationals to make some significant noise this week in Las Vegas at The Winter Meetings, you can least sit in front of your computer and imagine what Our Players, whether new or returning, might look like while inside The Team Clubhouse at Nationals Park.

At Nationals.com you can click on a new special link that gives any viewer 360 Views of The South Capitol Street Ballpark. 20 panoramas give looks from not only the stands, but on the field and in The Clubhouse as well. The Tour allows anyone to zoom in, out, up or down or just circle the entire facility. It's quite engaging. I found myself working my way through the entire ballpark online this afternoon while checking for Trade Updates.

Check it out when you have time.


An Briosca Mor said...

Salivating over stadium views is so last year. But I looked anyway.

Anonymous said...

I can only make out Austin Kearns' locker in Clubhouse View 2. Everyone else's nameplate has too much glare.

Screech's Best Friend said...

In Clubhouse View 1, I can make out Anderson Hernandez , John Lannan and Balester (only because Number 40 can be seen) when the 360 shot pans around to it's closest point to the lockers. In Clubhouse Shot 2, Zimmerman and Boone are directly to Kearns left--two cubicles over. To Kearn's right is Milledge and Willie Harris. Otherwise, you are absolutely correct, the glare make it nearly impossible to see any names.