Monday, December 08, 2008

Nationals Insider--Winter Meetings Edition

Steve Ray, the producer for Charlie Slowes & Dave Jageler from Our Washington Nationals Radio Network, got in touch with me over the weekend. He wanted to inform everyone that Craig Heist is on his way to The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings in Las Vegas for WTOP & Nationals Insider. This coming Thursday, December 11th--Heist will be LIVE from Las Vegas with George Wallace in Studio here in Washington, DC.

7PM is the scheduled time for this Nationals Insider Special Edition on WFED-1500 AM and 820AM.

Heist will provide in-depth coverage of the Wheelings and Dealings, The Rule V Draft and everything going on surrounding Our Washington Nationals at The Winter Meetings. & Reporter Bill Ladson is also expected to appear on the one-hour program.

You might recall the last time Our Washington Nationals did a special Nationals Insider Radio Program before the start of 2008 World Series Game 1--NO ONE KNEW ABOUT IT. In fact, not a single person called that evening to talk to the many guests.

So we are getting the word out--right here on Nats320. Calls will be taken this Thursday, December 11th at 7PM on WFED--1500AM and 820AM. And when you do call--please tell them--we sent you there!!

Nationals Insider--Winter Meetings Edition LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS!


WFY said...

Any chance it will be available as a podcast? 7-8 p.m. does not work too well for me, but I would listen to it later. Also, what about an email address to send questions into?

paul said...

What a pleasure it was to read Sheinin's funny and insightful piece today on the Teixeira sweepstakes. He is the perfect fit for the Nats, but the price tag does seem a bit steep--for anyone, not just the Nats.

I can see why Boras likes to go straight to the top. It's much easier to hoodwink a club owner than a GM! (Cf Hicks, Tom) Considering how the Nats (justifiably) reacted to their number one pick's agent last summer, I can't imagine Boras wining over the Lerners. (They might be thinking, this guy reminds me of us!)

Anonymous said...

Jeff...I just pasted your message over at Dugout Chatter/Ballpark Guys.

Good work.

Anonymous said...

PS the # of the radio show available in advance?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Working on all that extra information right now. Should know something more tomorrow on email, podcast and call in number. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the podcast, but Mr. Ray posted this to the natsfanatics site late last week (note the toll-free number):

Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation Next Thursday December 11th at 7 PM the flagship station of the Washington Nationals will feature a one hour special, live from the MLB Winter Meetings.

Hosted by George Wallace with Craig Heist live from the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas, we'll also feature guests from the Nats and a few player surprises as well. We'll want to hear from you on the toll-free line (877-936-9333) so mark the date & thanks in advance for spreading the word.

7PM - 8PM on 1500 & 820 AM WFED or online at next Thursday 12/11

The Stinger Steve Ray said...

WFY - send your questions to us at, I'll be sure George and Craig get them. As for the podcast, I am working out the details this afternoon so that the WTOP Internet gurus will upload the one hour show onto the sports page at

Dugout Chatter / Ballpark Guys - Thanks for spreading the word.

Everyone can call toll-free at the new number 877-936-9333 starting at 7 PM

Thanks guys!