Monday, December 01, 2008

Time To Fasten Your Seat Belts

By the way, we are still here.

Between the holiday and shuttling back and forth between DC & Chicago covering Our President-Elect, there has been little free time. Thankfully, there has been even less news over Thanksgiving concerning Our Washington Nationals. Although, I am of the belief that may change soon enough.

In the four years since Baseball's Return to Washington, Our General Manager Jim Bowden has always made some type of "BIG" move either just before, during, or right after The Winter Meetings. He signed Cristian Guzman and Vinny Castilla then traded for Jose Guillen in November, 2004. Made the BIG SPLASH with Alfonso Soriano at the '05 Winter Meetings; drafted Jesus Flores in the Rule V Draft from The New York Mets, signed Joel Hanrahan and unloaded Jose Vidro's Contract for what eventually became Ryan Langerhans in 2006. And then last year, shocked The African Queen and I when he traded "The Captain" Brian Schneider and My Main Man!! Ryan Church to The Mets for Lastings Milledge.

As The African Queen said this afternoon--time to fasten those seat belts once again.

With The 2008 Winter Meetings beginning next week, you just know, unquestionably, JimBo's got something going. Our General Manager always does. And you can bet it probably involves a player or players you, or I, have never even considered as seriously in play. You can talk all the rumors you want and place them aside. For the most part those "leaks" are just for playing the field--the modus operandi. Not one general manager, his team, or a player's agent is going to telegraph their positions.

Not Going To Happen--that would be foolish.

December is the time of year to play poker. The sharpest, and wisest bluffer, most always wins. How fitting, this year's Winter Meetings are in Las Vegas. Some Bodies are going to be traded you never expected. Some Other Bodies are going to find out their bargaining chips--their talents--are not as desirable as they expected.

Yes, The Winter Meetings are always fun. The Gambling ensued usually sets up any team for the following season. For Our Washington Nationals, there is no exception to this rule because I would venture to say that anyone not carrying the last name Zimmerman or Zimmermann (Ryan or Jordan) on their backs, is probably in play. Yes, that not only includes Nick Johnson, but Austin Kearns, Cristian Guzman and just about everyone else remaining on the 40 Man Roster.

The Zimmerman(n)'s, John Lannan, Elijah Dukes and Jesus Flores are all fine young players to build your team around, maybe even Milledge, but it's far from enough. Starting Pitching is still an issue with Washington, and so is their Offensive Fire Power. I'm not sure what young talent is truly available out there for Washington to potentially deal for--but I am fully expecting Our Upgraded Scouting and Development Department to be an integral part of next week's wheelings and dealings in The Nevada Desert.

It's Time For Our General Manager Jim Bowden to step to the plate and hit A GRAND SLAM. JimBo, let's bring home to Washington some young and talented people that can be an integral part of Our Washington Nationals First Quality Team. We need something fun to cheer--something HOPEFUL--as the Calendar turns from 2008 to 2009. No time better but the present to unwrap a Special Holiday Gift For All Our Fans.

No question--it's going to be interesting next week in Las Vegas.

Brace Yourself.

PS--I like to know if the Vegas Bookings are taking odds on Mark Teixeira signing with certain teams? Since they take bets on just about everything, I would imagine they are. So what are Washington's Odds?


Anonymous said...

So, any predictions??

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Is this too much to hope for? Scott Boras is asking for a 10-year contract for Texiera...


Texas A.L. (2003-7),
Atlanta N.L. (2007-8),
Los Angeles/Anaheim A.L. (2008),
Washington N.L. (2009-2019)

[Hall of fame stats.]

Too much to hope for?

Anonymous said...

I can all but guarentee Texiera is just using the Nats to drive up his price. Why would he come to a team so far from contention, 3-5 years. He could have 3-5 Opportunities with the Yankees, Angels or Red Sox to go with $20(+) million

asnowballschance said...

Grand Slam from JimBo would be...................


Edward J. Cunningham said...

I'm inclined to agree with Anonymous. Unless the Nationals make an exorbiant offer far above the other bidders AND Texiera does not mind playing for a team that will not immediately contend for a title (but should be better with his bat), he will probably go to not only a big market team, but one with a "prestige" name.

However, for the sake of argument, let's say the Nationals do sign Texiera for the 10-year contract that Scott Boras is asking for. Would this be a stepping stone in making the Nats playoff contenders, or would it end up the way A-Rod's career in Texas went?