Saturday, December 20, 2008

A No Surprise Signing

The very moment The Baltimore Orioles Non-Tendered Daniel Cabrera, you had to figure Our General Manager Jim Bowden was on the phone looking to sign the hard throwing, but erratic, pitcher for Our Washington Nationals. According to Bill Ladson, Washington has accomplished just that--signing him to a one-year deal.

Not a surprise, especially after Washington Non-Tendered Tim Redding. You had to figure JimBo was looking for a higher ceiling arm holding a lesser contract.

And Daniel Cabrera is the perfect reclamation project for Our Pitching Coach Randy St.Claire. A talented, but incredibly inconsistent pitcher throughout his entire Major League Career in Baltimore. Some days, Cabrera is unhittable. On other days, Daniel can't even find the plate. He is one of those guys that frustrate you, but at the same time, hard to turn away from.

There is nothing to lose by signing Cabrera to a contract for Our Washington Nationals. If St.Claire can reproduce his magic again with another lost talent--Washington has slotted a solid starter for the back of their rotation in 2009. A younger, more powerful arm than Redding, although you would have to give the nod to Tim for professionalism and leadership.

All in all, a very good, low key, no surprise signing by Our Washington Nationals.

PS--If you were wondering: Livan Hernandez, Esteban Loaiza, Hector Carrasco, Ramon Ortiz, Billy Traber, Tim Redding and Odalis Perez all were better pitchers than expected after coming over to Washington with their career's basically going down hill, at a turning point, or at the very end. Randy St.Claire affected all of them--positively--and I am not even considering all the youngsters he's dealt with over the past four years in a Washington Uniform.


paul said...

It is an intriguing pick-up. I had assumed the young'ens would fill the rotation, but I guess not.

On another topic, whither the chat that Mr. Bowden had on the 16th? Did anyone participate--was it a tree falling in an empty forest? I can't find the transcript anywhere.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Paul: It was a no new news event.

There is a transcript at this link:

paul said...

Thanks, SBF and Miss Chatter!

I was impressed by the questions out there, good job! However, a big issue stands out, that first popped into my head when I read that Theo Epstein had visited Boras and Teixeira in Texas: Calling Maryland "home" for Teixeira is obviously an overstatement. The guy has a home in Texas and has obviously settled in there. Not everyone wants to go back home. Would I take a job because it's close to Pleasantville, NY? I don't think so. . . .

Anonymous said...

Jeff thanks and keep on writing - I enjoy reading what is said although I don't have much to say. Happy holidays to you both. Biff and Iris

Anonymous said...

Can't figure out why our beloved Nationals do not sell single game tickets yet, especially right before Christmas. Seems like a no brainer marketing decision.

An Briosca Mor said...

Can't figure out why our beloved Nationals do not sell single game tickets yet, especially right before Christmas. Seems like a no brainer marketing decision.

Simple reason. They're still trying to sell season tickets now. If they sell a single-game seat now, that removes it from the seats they have available to market to potential new season ticket holders.

Laugh all you want, but this has to be the primary reason. Are any other teams selling single game tickets already?

Anonymous said...

Think FanFest for single game tickets.
It would be great for the families if the Nat sell the single game tickets at FanFest before they are put up on the internet for sale.