Saturday, December 13, 2008

Are These Any Better?

The Boston Red Sox late this week broke from tradition and unveiled a new alternate Blue Jersey with new matching Cap. The Alternate Cap will contain the "Hanging Sox" Logo, not the universally known "B". Also shown was their new Gray Away "Boston" Uniform--a throwback to their earlier days of "Boston" in Navy Blue. The well known "Red Sox" Home White remains unchanged.

I like the throwback away grays, don't care much for the "Hanging Sox" Cap. Just like I have never been a fan of Atlanta's Tomahawk Alternate Cap--especially when The Braves wear it with that hideous Red Alternate Jersey.

So, what do think? Are Boston's Uni's any better or worse than Washington's new ones?


Anonymous said...

SBF, I think the Sox did a better job than the Nats. IMO, the Sox road Uni is pretty nice, just like the Nats new one. Also prefer the Sox alt cap to the Nats new "red/wht/blue alt cap. Personally don't care for either alt jerseys, Sox or Nats. Love your blog, keep up the great job.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Nats' jerseys (except for the stars and stripes number, which is rather too busy/gaudy for my taste).

Anonymous said...

Love both the gray road jerseys but the Nats alternative blue one is too gaudy - looks like something an Arena League Football team would have worn before the league cancelled its season.