Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Getting That Green On--Despite The Rain Out

Yeah, the game was canceled. Our Washington Nationals and The St. Louis Cardinals will make up the game tomorrow (Thursday afternoon) at 1:10PM. The First Day-Night Doubleheader in New Nationals Park's History. Of course, making that 1:10PM start Thursday is a little problematic. Real Work comes to mind that just might interfere. So, we shall see--playing it by ear.
But, the torrential downpours and lightning didn't take away the fun Sohna and I had--Getting Our Green On. Dressed appropriately for the occasion--we sported Our Green Nationals Tees and Green Caps with RED Curly "W"'s. Teddy got really excited upon seeing The African Queen wearing matching Green--insisting on taking a picture.

And we found out--many others had done the same.

Not only was The Centerfield Gate emblazoned with a Green Carpet.

5000 Fans riding Metro received "Green" Metro Farecards of $2.35.
The NatPack & Clint & The Presidents Wore Green.
So Did My Best Friend!! SCREEECH!!

Even The Ushers wore Green Curly "W" Caps.
But no one beat Tom--Our Washington Nationals Event Coordinator--who wore ONE WILD!! Green Combination Suit. I mean, this thing was OUTRAGEOUS--in a good way. I swear, even in a power outage, those threads would GLARE!! What a SUIT!!

Throughout the evening--The African Queen and I had good time--with everyone else wearing Green. Really it was fun. Folks were having a good time with it.

And since tonight's game was washed out--we will all have the chance to do it all over again. A do-over, as Our Washington Nationals have RESCHEDULED "Get Your Green On" for this coming Monday Night, June 9th when The San Francisco Giants are in DC. So you have another chance to participate--five days from now.

Walking around New Nationals Park tonight during the Rain Delay and subsequent cancellation--the number of people that came up to Sohna and I inquiring about Our Green Caps with RED Curly "W" emblazoned--was stunning. Two guys--at separate times--offered to buy them from us. Our Washington Nationals where selling a White Curly "W" Version in the Team Stores--but for some reason, The Red Curly "W" worn on our heads was attracting attention. Strange actually. For the record--we bought them at Target some time ago around St. Patrick's Day.
Finally--Sohna and I were stopped by Tige tonight. He mentioned that his wife, Elizabeth reads Nats320 regularly. So--as a surprise--The African Queen and I took a picture with Tige for tonight's post. His wife has no idea--until she reads about the moment here. Elizabeth--thanks for reading. Sohna and I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

This may sound familiar but because you tend to ignore me when I post... What do I have to do to get admitted to the Lexus Presidents Club without buying a 300 dollar ticket?

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Answer---you can't. If you want to see what the place looks like, take the stadium tour. If not, you will either have to find ticketholder who is willing to sell an extra ticket to you for less than $350 (not $300).

If you can't do that, then just buy a cheaper ticket elsewhere in the stadium like everybody else.

Unknown said...

Would you happen to know how they're going to handle the bobblehead distribution now that there's an afternoon game? I was planning to get there around 4:30 when the gates opened. Now I'm not sure when to go. Thanks!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Michael: The Bobblehead Giveaway for the evening game will now depend on when the first game ends. The ballpark will be cleared--which probably means quite a few folks who attend the afternoon game will be hanging around outside waiting to come in for the second game. Not really sure what to tell you--other than to be flexible.

An Briosca Mor said...

The bobbleheads are the scheduled giveaways for tonight's game, and I doubt that will change because last night's game got rescheduled to this afternoon. Today is a day-night doubleheader, not a traditional Ernie Banks "Let's play two!" doubleheader. (You rarely see one of those in MLB any more.) Day-night doubleheaders require a separate ticket for each of the two games. So they will clear the park between games, and start handing out the bobbleheads when the gates open for the night game. Because of the afternoon game, though, I'm sure they won't do the early opening for batting practice, because there won't be any BP for the night game. Gates will probably open 90 minutes before game time as usual, unless the early game goes long.

Anonymous said...

With all respect Mr. Cunningham, take a look at these photos. SBF and African Queen sit in 218. They are in the Presidents Club, wristbands and all.

SenatorNat said...

Nats draft Aaron Crow and immediately 7 Nationals batters strike out swinging just thinking about facing him in Spring Training! Actually, Nationals can strike out in their sleep - they can strike out thinking about Build a Screech. Nats are stockpiling pitching in the minors - all capable of being a number one starter. The Plan has accordingly been modified to start one number one every five days, with the other four number one's in the field, apparently. While that would not lower the team's current offensive prowess, it is still a strange sense of balance...

I know that the Nats now have 5 of the Opening Day starters, plus their closer, and their starter for that memorable night, which seems ages ago, but I am not convinced that injuries alone are the culprit. Relying on Milledge; Pena; and Dukes was too much of a reach, it is now apparent. And FLOP must go - he of the most terrible attitude imaginable. Trade for Kearns and FLOP a wash - we gave up nothing and got nothing in return. The current starters as a group are worse than most respectable Triple AAA clubs - there is just no spark there, whatsoever, which is the true distressing aspect...The air is so completely out of the balloon that I only hope that it can be slowly filled by returning starters, or something...

Trust in stockpiling MO pitchers. All Good.

An Briosca Mor said...

Senatornat must have written his comment before Thursday's second game, where Dukes went 4 for 6 with a triple and walkoff HR, Guzman went 4 for 6, etc, etc. Senatornat, may I suggest that you start writing comments like this one before every game? And name names, the more the better. Might not help, but it sure couldn't hurt.

Chuck B. said...

Was Al Gore there hawking his propaganda filled DVD?

The man has made a killing off this crappolla.

As George Carlin says "the earth is going shake us off like a bad case of fleas."

Anonymous said...

SBF and the African Queen - I was so thrilled that Tige got to meet you and was sorry that I wasn't there to meet you too. You are celebrities in our household! Like he said, I'm a dedicated reader... I appreciate all your insight. Thanks for your time and effort. Keep up the great work. See you at the ball park! -Elizabeth (Tige's wife)