Friday, June 06, 2008

The White Flag

The White Flag was raised with two outs in the bottom of the 3rd inning. Trailing 8-0 after one of the worst seven run top of the 3rd innings you will EVER witness--courtesy of The San Francisco Giants--Our Manager Manny Acta sent Tim Redding up to the plate to pinch hit for Jason Bergmann.

GAME OVER. Our Washington Nationals had surrendered.

Let The Party Begin!!
With nothing else better to do--a Mini Old Section 320 Reunion began. BangTheDrumNatly, Dana, Tim and SeyHeyKlib joined The African Queen and I for some fun. Let it be known--"Church On Friday!!" was heard once again at New Nationals Park. Too Bad--My Main Man!! was nowhere in sight. Hard to believe actually--many of us have barely seen each other over the first half of 2008. For Three Years--we were inseparable. How times change--when other priorities of life stand in the way.

But at least for one night--The Fun and Cameraderie well known throughout the 3rd Base Line at The Old Ballyard on East Capitol Street Returned--if ever so briefly. All we really needed to add was an appearance by MY BEST FRIEND!! SCREECH!!, The BobbleBelly Dance performed by MickNats (Nothing Quite Like That Sight--Ask Screech!) and that boisterous whistle and accompanying "You're Killing Me!!" by RallyTimeRichard. If only Little Abby was there to ask "What Time Is It!!?" As all of us well know--The only answer: "RALLYTIME!!"

Now if only Our Washington Nationals had AT LEAST ONE JOSE!! Then, the JOSE!! JOSE!! JOSE!! JOSE!! chant could be heard once again. Sohna and I always loved Our Section 320 Rendition--along with Alfonso! SORIANO!! So did MANY, MANY, OTHERS!!

No question--Section 320 Rocked at RFK STADIUM!! Ask anyone that sat near us. We had it going--especially when "Let Teddy Win!! Let Teddy Win!! was shouted throughout The OLD BALLYARD during each and EVERY 7th inning stretch. Teddy always stopping by to feel the love. We had a ton of fun back then. We really did.

A feeling Our Washington Nationals also lost this evening. Jason Bergmann had little in the tank to begin with and less as his three torturous innings played out on South Capitol Street. Liners here, stroked balls there--Bergmann even nearly got himself decapitated by a screamer back up the middle. And was not helped by three pop ups never caught in foul territory by his teammates--only one ruled an error.

Our Number 57 got himself in trouble, then more trouble, finally--some serious trouble.

With Manny Acta.

When Jason walked The Giants Starting Pitcher--Tim Lincecum--with two outs loading the bases in that top of the third--out of dugout popped Our Manager Manny Acta. Our Number 14 was not there for a courtesy visit. Manny hardly EVER comes out the dugout to head to the mound. Usually--only when removing a pitcher from game. But, on this occasion--Manny nearly sprinted out there and immediately started laying the law down to Bergmann. This was not the prettiest of sights. The conversation so animated--THE HDTV SCOREBOARD Operators took the TV picture of this stern conversation off the big screen. Jason Bergmann was being dressed down--publicly--maybe even sadly.
Alot of good that did. For on Our Number 57's very next offering--San Francisco's Fred Lewis ripped a single down the right field line scoring two. Then, after Aaron Boone dropped a sure final out of the inning on a foul ball near the stands at first base--Jose Castillo--granted New Life--deposited Jason's fifth pitch of his At-Bat WELL OVER THE RIGHT CENTERFIELD WALL. Lasting Milledge watching the stroked ball sail past him for a Three Run Homer and the Knock Out Blow for this night.

A Seven Run Inning had sent Our Washington Nationals down for the count.

This game was LOST. The White Flag to be raised in just a few short minutes.

Final Score from New Nationals Park--The San Francisco Giants 10 and Our Washington Nationals 1.

But at least Old Section 320 had resumed some fun--like we always had--win or lose--at RFK Stadium.

Game Notes & Highlights

Is Tim Lincecum not one of THE FINEST YOUNG PITCHERS IN THE GAME? 5'11" and weighing only 170 LBS--this young man can pitch. The Windmill Motion, the hiding of the baseball in his round house delivery--One wicked curveball. This San Francisco Giants Starter possesses some of the best pitching mechanics seen in the game in some time. If you couldn't appreciate Lincecum's effort tonight--you are not a baseball fan. 97 Mile Per Hour Fastball--late in game--on target and under control. Taught by his father and still coached, even The San Francisco Giants are NOT ALLOWED to mess with his delivery--per the contract he signed to play professionally for the team by The Bay. If Number 55 does not win The Cy Young sometime over the next five years--many would have to be surprised.

That Boy Is Good!!

Tim Lincecum throwing seven impressive innings of one run ball. He doesn't look for the strikeout. Number 55 just gets outs--letting his fielders do the dirty work. Man--I like this guy. Who wouldn't want to have him on their team. Professional is the only way to describe him.

A title also bestowed on the very First Major League Player to rise from D.C. Public Schools in nearly 40 years. Emmanuel Burriss entered this game as a substitute in the bottom of the 8th. A shortstop by trade--his appearance received a Standing Ovation from some still in attendance watching. And when Burriss lined a single to left off Charlie Manning in the top of the 9th--the first base hit by a DCPS product in Washington in over 38 years--you can bet I--NOT ONLY GAVE HIM A STANDING OVATION--but reminded every single person still sitting in Section 218 the importance of the moment. Thankfully--everyone joined in the historic play.
Baseball in the inner city of Washington, DC--has been DEAD for some time. If Our Washington Nationals can help revive a long lost history--many more youths from DC's Public Schools can receive the very same chance. Opportunity Emmanuel Burriss took advantage of--results which played out this evening at New Nationals Park.

Please don't undersell the moment. Emmanuel Burriss playing a Major League Baseball Game in his HOMETOWN--IS HUGE. No question about it.

Now check out these two youngsters. Sohna and I spotted them painting each other up before the game--near The Centerfield Gate. As is always the case with Nats320--it's all about The Fun. A feeling these two fans were enjoying this evening at New Nationals Park. We liked their camaraderie too.
Of course--tonight was Bang!! Zoom!! Go The Fireworks!! Night. The New Friday Night Tradition of firing off the pyrotechnics after each start of the weekend home game. Sohna and I have yet to miss--even one.
Finally--how about OUR MAN--Boris!! We had heard the rumors, but had to find out the truth. One of Our Favorite Ushers from Old Section 320 and now in Section 128 on South Capitol Street was wearing a Ring. A Wedding Ring. Boris was Married!! No!!--it couldn't be true!! Yet, it was. The African Queen checking out the hardware--not believing at first it was real. As it turned out--this ring WAS NOT retrieved from a box of Cracker Jacks. (just kidding my friend)

We love Boris!! And only wish him the very best with his new bride!!

So Boris--how come none of us were invited to The Party!!??

PS--Did you know that San Francisco Giants Pitcher Alex Hinshaw was a High School Rival in California to "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game"? Chad Cordero and Hinshaw faced each other many times in Southern California during their youth.

Tonight's InGame Photos--(AP) Luis M. Alvarez
All Other Photos--Nats320

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