Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Facts

The Minnesota Twins Justin Morneau proved the first fact this evening in The Metrodome.

Our Washington Nationals do not have a Game Changing Slugger. A hitter that can bring Our Team back into any game--at any moment. Morneau's two run clout off John Lannan in the bottom of the sixth--brought The Twins, not only from behind, but into the lead for the eventual winning runs in this ball game. Did Justin ever crush that hanging breaking ball!!

Wily Mo Pena was supposed to provide that power in Our Manager Manny Acta's Lineup. He's not. In fact, not one player, except for Alfonso Soriano in 2006, has ever been The Game Changer donning a Washington Uniform--so consistently. Even Ryan Zimmerman is not such a threat every time he comes to the plate. Our Number 11 is respected for his hitting, not feared--at least not yet.

The second fact this evening in The Metrodome.

Our Number 31 is going to be an excellent Major League Pitcher. He only made one mistake--that homer pitch--a big one. But if Our Washington Nationals had ANY OFFENSE---John would have received a deserved victory tonight. Probably barely able to break a pane of glass with his fastball--Lannan knows how to pitch. Not one starter on Our Staff keeps hitters off balance so well. You have to give him credit. John Lannan has the professional makeup to succeed.

One Game Changing Slugger--Fact Number One. One Solid & Young Developing Major League Pitcher--Fact Number Two.

If both played for Our Washington Nationals this evening at The Metrodome--another Curly "W" in the Books would have been Fact Number Three. Alas, it was not to be.

Final Score from The Humphrey Dome (where Major League Baseball will thankfully never be played again in two seasons time), The Minnesota Twins 2 and Our Washington Nationals 1 in a robust and quickly played game lasting under two hours--1 Hour & 59 Minutes--to be exact.

PS--I still love Livan Hernandez. Houdini on the mound and entertaining at the same time. Surprisingly, Old Number 61 WALKED NO ONE TONIGHT? How strange was that, and gave up just five hits. Our Washington Nationals never really tested him. Nor could they hit some of the best slop pitches in the game. Livo was on tonight. Our Hitters were too aggressive against him. Against Hernandez, you have to be patient.

This was a well pitched game by both starters. They Won. We Lost. On one pitch. Simple as that. And that's a Fact--Too.

Tonight's InGame Photo--(AP) Jim Mone


Sam R said...


I've said it before and I'll say it again, in my opinion one of the biggest mistakes of the year Nats Management made was not signing Livo. Especially when he actually wanted to come back to DC! If nothing more than the pageantry of Livo throwing out the first pitch at National's Park as he did at RFK when the Nats returned to DC. But regardless of pageantry look at Livo's record now and I bet he would be hitting better than many in our current line up!

Take me out to the Ballgame!


SenatorNat said...

Livo is better suited to pitch in the NL, since he is such a good hitter. That attribute virtually wasted for the Twins, although they could use him as a pinch-hitter.

I sense that the first major personnel move by Nats will be the release of Willie Mo Pena - that saddens me should it occur, since he seems like such a good guy. But, he is pitiful in the field, as evidenced by his misplay in anothe rout by the Twins taking place this afternoon.

Shawn Hill should be shut down now; it is pointless for him to pitch through what is obviously a career threatening forearm problem.

Lannan is solid, and Bergmann had a decent performance yesterday, undermined by LoDuca making in reality 3 errors in the first two innings, later hitting into what should have been called a triple play. Boy, weaning off steroids for this $5 million off-season acquision must be a real bear...

Dukes and Milledge are slowly but steadily improving - they may (hopefully) finish this year in training strong. If they do not, it is going to be difficult to discern what has been accomplished in terms of The Plan. Jesus Flores' development, certainly, qualifies. And, should Dukes and Milledge develop, then those three are clearly plus-ups. Add Lannan and Bergmann.

But, no game-changing player among the group, nor a pitching ace. Which leads me to suggest that Rauch should be traded this year for a hitter - someone who ALREADY hits.

We have little need to hoard a closer, since we are going to close as many as 65-70 wins: trade him while his value is at its highest.

Trust in intelligent timely adjustments to the Plan. All Good.