Friday, June 06, 2008

Ladies Night--June 5th, 2008

The Women started lining up well before the 5PM Start Time and they just kept on coming. Ladies Night at New Nationals Park was in full swing near The Grand Staircase located at 1st & Potomac SE. This was Thursday Evening, June 5th, 2008. Over 500 ladies on hand to celebrate the great game of baseball--together.

And The African Queen posting up to enjoy some fun with like minded women from throughout the Washington, DC Area. Joined by our neighbor in Section 218--Charlene--these ladies were ready for some action.
"How can WE GET IN THERE!!"-stated one man as he walked past the security enclosed tent with his male companions. "That place is hopping!!." The Guard responding: "Sorry guys, Ladies Night--Women Only." The Guys dejectedly walking away--while looking back over their shoulders at what they were missing.

They well knew--This Party Had It Going!!

And when your fingernails can become Curly "W" Promotional Items--what's not to like about that. This affair was all about Baseball--from a woman's point of view. These folks were having fun. Women of all ages gathering to share their love of the game. Nothing wrong with that.

Wine Tastings, Food Samplings, Honest Ade Teas, Massages, Nail Polishing, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Slumber Parties Inc--20 vendors in all--offering up their services to the ladies.

Of course My Best Friend!! Screech!! showed up to get the dancing rolling--along with Our Racing Presidents--sending the party into overdrive.

Later--four players for Our Washington Nationals joined the fun--signing autographs and taking pictures with everyone on hand.

And as usual--Luis Ayala was in a jovial mood. Always looking for fun--Our Number 56 went for a picture with The African Queen and followed up with a massage. A free service offered this evening by The Potomac Massage Training Institute. Luis looks like he is enjoying the moment--doesn't he?

Actor Ricardo Antonio Chavira from Desperate Housewives fame was a special guest.

As well as, The Savvy Girls of Summer also on hand--selling their best selling book--"It Takes More Than Balls" and autographing copies for anyone wishing.

And Of Course--Dwayne Herndon was also there with his staff of Noah's Pretzels offering up his Curly "W" Food Concession. This time with a slightly woman's twist. Pink Curly "W" Pretzels. The Noah's Folks--they are quite fun and always get into the spirit of the event.

Once again--Our Friend Janet was a lucky winner of a nice giveaway prize. The Past Winner of a Ryan Langerhans Jersey on "Shirts Off Their Back" Day--Janet this time won a very nice beaded necklace with matching earrings. She was quite happy.

Sohna had a great time and unquestionably--many others in attendance shared the same feelings. Taking a different approach--Our Washington Nationals are attempting to reach a diverse part of their fan base. Ladies Night was a pretty successful affair.

And this party did not end at Game Time-- continuing on--in Sections 240 through 243 inside New Nationals Park. The group cheered on Our Washington Nationals eventual 10-9 victory over The St. Louis Cardinals. If you missed out on this event don't worry. There will be a second chance for you and everyone else. August 14th, 2008--is the second scheduled Ladies Night at New Nationals Park for 2008. A Thursday Night Home Game against The New York Mets.

PS--Also Our Washington Nationals announced at Ladies Night--the "Baseball 101 For Women" date for 2008 is set for Saturday, June 28. For $85, any woman wishing to be instructed on baseball fundamentals by Washington's Coaches and Staff--are invited to New Nationals Park that morning. Not only will baseball skills be taught, but a buffet lunch will follow along with a special guest appearance of a player for Our Washington Nationals and his spouse. They will discuss their lives dealing with baseball and family. Included in the cost of admission are two tickets to that night's home game versus The Baltimore Orioles--Mezzanine Seats.


Dave Nichols said...

Hey, jsut wondering, but if it was Ladies' Night, how did you get invited? seriously, were covering this event as a member of the "press"?

i write a blog for the team too, and didn't think it was my place to be attending a party thrown for the female fans of the team. my wife and several of her friends went, and remarked on seeing you--and several other men--in attendance.

so SBF, not to put too fine a point on it, but what gives? were you given a media credential to cover this event? did you pay like everyone else? i just want to know the ground rules about what's fair in covering "Our" Washington Nationals.

feel free to e-mail me personally. i've checked the box below leaving you my address.

Dave at Bottomfeeder Baseball

Anonymous said...

Oh, to be the photographer on Ladies' Night!

Anonymous said...

SBF - usually I can count on you for a rundown of the President's race. I was with my kids at the game last night and Teddy was tackled by a big cat. Any idea what that was all about? I couldn't follow.


Anonymous said...

The Baseball 101 activity sounds like fun, but I can't find anything about it on the Nationals Website.

Do you know how and/or when the Nationals are going to sell tickets?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Anonymous--A Panther tackled Teddy--for whatever reason. Earlier this year--the same panther ran out from the right field stand and tackled Teddy. Not sure what why or what The Panther is suppose to be about--other than being another skit.

DCBATGIRL--Here is the link for Baseball 101 for Women. It's under Community at

Screech's Best Friend said...

The rest of the link--for whatever reason it will not post as one.



Anonymous said...

Read a lot, never post. I'd be curious either in another post, or just in these comments if you would give an overview of how you cover certain events that aren't open to everybody, or widely publicized, not so much to justify, but rather so that we can get a sense of how you go about your never-ending, and tireless work.

Anonymous said...

I love the comment "How can WE GET IN THERE!!" As mentioned in the article, Slumber Parties was a vendor at this event. I am a Slumber Parties distributor and our company policy is that our parties are for women only. I tend to hear similar comments to the "how do we get in there" when it comes to men attending our parties. I'm not sure if the men are feeling left out or if they just feel like it's a great place to meet women! Haha.

All in all it sounded like a very fun event. I guess you should feel privilaged for being allowed at this "Ladies Only" Event! :)