Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Youth Jersey Promotion Canceled

According to the Press Release from Our Washington Nationals, the Sunday June 22nd Kids Jersey Giveaway Promotion has been canceled. Other than for reasons beyond the teams control--no specifics. Originally, The Youth Jersey was sponsored by Smithfield. The same company which handed out Youth Gloves to Kids under 12 years of age during the previous home stand at New Nationals Park.

Instead, all kids attending this Sunday versus The Texas Rangers will receive two tickets to an upcoming home game of Our Washington Nationals. Distribution limited to first 10,000 children.

If you purchased tickets for this game in order to get the giveaway for your children--there is a mail in return process to receive tickets to another game--if you now do not wish to attend this weekend's affair.

Please read the Press Release for the complete details below:

Washington Nationals Youth Jersey Giveaway For Sunday, June 22 Canceled

We regret that the youth jersey giveaway for this Sunday, June 22 has been canceled, due to circumstances beyond our control. However, the first 10,000 children 12 and younger to attend this Sunday’s game vs. the Texas Rangers at 1:35pm will receive a voucher for two (2) complimentary tickets to any future 2008 regular season Nationals home game. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our fans. If you have further questions, please contact the Washington Nationals at 202-675-NATS (6287).

Fans who purchased their tickets specifically for this game and wish to exchange their tickets for a future 2008 regular season Nationals home game, may do so by mailing their tickets and a written request for the exchange to: Washington Nationals Ticket Services, 1500 South Capitol Street, Washington, DC 20003. The youth jersey will not be rescheduled as a giveaway for a later date during the 2008 season, but the Nationals will attempt to schedule another youth giveaway for a future 2008 regular season game and we will notify our fans as soon as this occurs.


Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable. What a public relations blunder. Other than the O's Brian Roberts Bobblehead escapade, I do not remember a team every having to cancel a promotion, especially one aimed at children. I think the Nats incompetence on the field has made its way up to the front office (or is that the other way around?) For the team that has less promotions than any other team in baseball to have this happen is fitting. It gets harder to stay a Nats fan by the day.

Anonymous said...

Classy how this isnt on the Releases section of the team's page. Just let folks show up without knowing. These will be the casual fans after all... maybe they will appease their kids by spending 538920 at build a bear!

An Briosca Mor said...

Classy how this isnt on the Releases section of the team's page. Just let folks show up without knowing.

It's been mentioned repeatedly on the radio and TV game broadcasts for several days now. It was mentioned in the Washington Post's online Nationals Journal blog and also in the Washington Post print edition. Far more people access those sources than would see it on the Releases section of the team page. BTW, it's also now right there in the middle of the main page. I just checked. But yeah, unbelievable that they didn't also bury the news deep on a webpage that no one ever looks at.

Unknown said...

My guess is that it's due to closed rail lines caused by the Midwest floods. The shipment possibly was made overseas, dropped on the West Coast, and scheduled to travel via train.

Anonymous said...

Got anything to do with this DC boycott of Smithfield?

DC City Council side

Smithfield side