Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Pass Line

Just Sit Him Down.

For The Season.

Ryan Zimmerman's Health is not a Poker Game. No amount of bluffing, over playing of cards or raising of the stakes will make his situation better. He is hurting and needs to be repaired.

Which gives me pause and reason for worry.

For Our General Manager Can Be A Gambler. High Stakes and High Reward have always been involved in Jim Bowden's History.

Sometimes those risks have paid off.

But no--this is not the time for a HUGE Roll Of The Dice. We don't need that type of "ACTION". This Potential Winner's Share is nowhere near worth any expected reward, because the table odds are not favorable.

If Our Number 11 needs to have his torn left labrum surgically repaired--please let's get on with it. No amount of delay will have any effect on Season 2008 of Our Washington Nationals. Our Team needs more than Ryan Zimmerman to win. Seven expected regulars are still on the Disabled List. Some of whom may not return for 4 weeks or more. At this date in time--Our Washington Nationals are going nowhere. We all understand that. So, let's give more youngsters a chance. Let's try to grow up--unexpectedly.

Let's just move on and make the best of it.

As we all know--there is nothing like watching "Z" field his position at third base. The BEST IN THE GAME--in my opinion. And there is nothing like watching "The Z-Man" come to the plate with the game on the line. More times than not--HE IS CLUTCH. Whether he delivers or not though--has ANYONE on Our Team gained the respect of every single person in the stands and on the field--like Ryan Zimmerman?

No--no one. Being Professional is a Ryan Zimmerman God Given Talent.

And as much as I will lament his loss from now until October--not playing for Our Washington Nationals--Ryan Zimmerman not taking the field 100% ready for Opening Day--2009--will make me feel a whole lot worse. If that day does come next spring--my pain will be more than sorrow. Easily, barring another unexpected injury to "Z", there will be no excuses for Our Franchise not taking care of "Our Franchise Player". You know it. I know it. He is VALUABLE to EVERYONE--both on and off the field of play.

Ryan is one of The African Queen's FAVORITE PLAYERS. She loves him--as well as "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game"--Chad Cordero. Like Alfonso Soriano in 2006 and Livan Hernandez in The Inaugural Season of 2005, those four players got her fanny in her customary seat--each and every game. Now--they are all gone--some temporarily. But, they are all SPECIAL to her. Obviously and without question, Zimmerman not posting up for Game One of 2009--will bring pause to My Household.

Because it does not have to be.

JimBo--please don't attempt to roll snake eyes on one toss. Or anything else the hard way--like Box Cars for that matter--in a reach for a few cheap wins and Temporary Glory. Your "Marker" is not good in this situation. Those tossed "Bones" are just a crap shoot. And please don't even play the odds. As favorable as they may be--one Unlucky Roll could unravel Our's and His Future.

Not even playing "The Field" is acceptable.

Can you image next year and beyond without Our Number 11?

I can't. Surely, you can't imagine that either.

The safest and surest bet for you is to play "THE PASS LINE". Only there can Our Washington Nationals and Our Fans be assured--Ryan Zimmerman will safely return and be in 100% health for the 2009 Season. Simply, we don't need Ryan Zimmerman for 2008. He will not make a difference--as painful as that is to write.

Our Best to Ryan Zimmerman's Full Recovery. Our Best Wishes that you will not become A Gambler with Ryan Zimmerman's career. And Our Best Hopes that you WILL NOT ROLL CRAPS--if you do.

For this is NOT A GRAP GAME. This is about Our Future--Of Our "Yo" Man (Yo-leven).

I mean it. You know it.

Call me, let's talk.

Zimmerman (Nice Picture By The Way)

PS--All the Dice Lingo used in this post can be read here--for those that do not gamble or are not aware of the terminology. Obviously, Sohna and I LOVE LAS VEGAS. We really do.


Anonymous said...

I'm not much for gambling, but your comments on Zimmerman hit the nail on the head. Sit him down, let him rest and let's make another go of it in 2009.

Can I dream a little of a 2009 Nats line-up:

C - Jesus Flores
1B- Nick Johnson (would love Texieria though!)
2B - Orlando Hudson
SS - Christian Guzman
3B - Ryan Zimmerman
LF - Elijah Dukes
CF - Lastings Milledge
RF - Austin Kearns (platooned with a LH hitting 2nd tier free agent or Kasto)


1 - C.C. Sabbathia
2 - Shawn Hill (he should be shut down until 2009, too!)
3 - Colin Balester or Crow (if signed)
4 - Tim Redding
5 - John Lannan

Closer - Chad Cordero
Set Up - Jon Rauch

Ryan Wagner
Luis Ayala
Saul Rivera
2 FA left-handed guys


FA utility guy or Casto
FA utility IF

It's a start, anyway. The way this season is going, I just had to dream a little....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

As usual with one stroke you slammed that nail all the way in. No one player is going to make a difference on this team's on field performance nor it's gate receipts.

Jim H said...


Yep. He should already have had the work done. We saw what happened to Guzman. He tried to "exercise" through it, too. It just delayed things.

Get it fixed. Period.

SenatorNat said...

You are right, of course. Cordero and Hill should be shut down, too, for the same reasons. The 2008 season which had a storybook first game in the new park, has turned into a disaster. Just getting through the year must now by the mission. "First Do No Harm" should be the admonition by caring fans to Bow-Bow and the Brass.

We true fans must just accept it; and the Nats Brass who took the risk by operating on the cheap, will have to accept a 2 million attendance, some 25-30% less than realistic expectations for the inaugural season. If you want a nice quiet place to go to read a book and get away, plan on going out to the Park when the Nats are in town...

In essence, 2008 is going to have to be a training year for Flores; Milledge; Dukes; and some of the other young position players like Justin Maxwell and Kory Casto and about eight pitchers.

There are three things they might do in the meantime, though: 1. get an ortho guy here in D.C.; and 2. replace Lenny Harris; and 3. cut FLOP.

Trust in true fans. All Good.

Keith said...

It's funny how we use baseball metaphors in all areas of our lives, and then use non-baseball metaphors to talk about baseball.
Metaphors be with you.

Abby & Joey's Dad said...


Totally agree about Zimmerman. Take no chances.

Some other things I'd like to see.

1. Pay Guz NOW!!! Let's not wait for the free agent market. You've got a free chance to negotiate now. No competition. Get 'er done!

2. Keep playing our young catchers. As much as it hurts to say about a former Dodger(and is blasphemy in my family), LoDuca will not help us and is not part of the future. Nieves and Flores are a promising young pair. Let's find out what they can do over an extended period.

3. Find a free agent that can provide consistent pop in the lineup. Get away from the KMART free agents and get us 1 legit star.

4. Dipping dots closer to the Club Level (Abby's request)

Hopefully #4 is not the only one that gets accomplished.

My .02