Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sohna's Day At Cape Canaveral

As promised--Wednesday, February 27 was Sohna's Day. For 24 Hours--No Baseball (Yeah, I know that's hard to believe--but it happened). The timing was perfect. Not much daytime baseball, nor practice--as Our Washington Nationals were playing their first exhibition game of the season in Jupiter--two hours south.

So, Sohna chose to visit Cape Canaveral and The Kennedy Space Center. In fact, Space Shuttle Endeavour cooperated by already being in place on Launch Pad 39A--for its scheduled March 11th Lift Off to service The International Space Station.

We had a great time. Having worked many shuttle and payload launches over the years, I was able to provide The African Queen with a little more insight--than what the normal tours offer. In fact, we are going back tomorrow afternoon--after the Georgetown University exhibition to finish off some exhibits we could not get to today.

By they way--if you ever do take The Kennedy Space Center Tours--Sohna and I highly recommend purchasing the Commanders Pass. If it costs $38 each for a two day pass--you might as well pay $100 for Two One Year Passes. Including the special discounts provided under this particular program--you basically get the extra $24 back during your visit--in rebates. And, if you plan on attending Spring Training--two years running--a visit to Cape Canaveral Next Year is FREE!! Not a bad deal--if you enjoy The Space Program.

The Presentations at The Kennedy Space Center are really terrific. The Space Shuttle Launch Experience is quite exceptional. In the shuttle mock up--you simulate taking off from The Cape--very realistic.
This particular effort was our favorite picture taken from today.
And finally, check out these Sunset shots from The Cape this evening. Winners Baby.

Baseball and Our Washington Nationals returns tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

How do they do the 0 gravity pictures? Curly says that since monkeys were involved in the space travel before humans that he should be allowed to go into a space shuttle and fiddle with all the buttons. Could you use your connections to make that happen? MISS YOU GUYS!!!