Tuesday, February 05, 2008

National Baseball Hall of Fame Photo Essay--Final Edition

In conclusion--The Nats320 Blog's Photo Essay of The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum finishes with a look at the third and final floor of public displays.

Great Fans From Years Past.

And since The African Queen and I are just as nutty as those depicted in this WONDERFUL FAN DISPLAY-we have posed ourselves in a few of the photos.

Sacred Ground (Ballparks)

The Records Room & Awards (The Hardware)

The Hall of Fame is the keeper of The Commissioner's World Series Ring given each year by The World Championship Team

Finally--World Series & Post Season Glory

Including The Curt Schilling Bloody Sock

That Concludes One Full Week of Posts on The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in Coopertown, New York. Next month, just before the beginning of the 2008 Major League Baseball Regular Season--please look for a special post on The History of Washington Baseball & DC Ballparks--through the eyes of The Hall of Fame.

Sohna & I had a wonderful time and hope sharing our visit to Cooperstown, New York--has been worthwhile for you--as well.

Photos--Property of Nats320--all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

Your shared tour of the Hall of Fame has been GREAT! My son and I will be in Cooperstown during the last week of March. This will be our first trip there so now we have a preview of what to expect.We live in Southern Ca. so will have a long trip but we know it will be worth it. Thanks again, Doug

Unknown said...

Excellent work. Seems like you both had the time of your lives and it was a pleasure reading through the entries and looking at the photos.

Screech's Best Friend said...

bluesbrother (Doug)--you are welcome--Sohna and I hope you and your son have a WONDERFUL TIME!! Your trip will be worth the distance travelled.