Saturday, February 16, 2008


Having been out all day--I just had the opportunity to review Paul LoDuca's first public appearance and comments after he was named in The Mitchell Report. Boy, would I have loved to have been in on that presser at Space Coast Stadium. Because after reading some of the accounts--I still don't have any real sense whether Our New Number 16 was totally dodging the bullets fired at him by the media.

Mark Zuckerman over at The Washington Times found LoDuca to be sincere.

The Washington Post reports LoDuca as non committal--questioning his non-remarks. says LoDuca apologized for "Mistakes in Judgement".

While The Associated Press questioned LoDuca's sincerity in his responses.

And Sohna and I heard a report on WTOP claiming that LoDuca did not state what he was apologizing for.

So, where does that leave everyone? Does life go on now? Will this all be forgotten? Will The Commissioner Suspend Him?

I am just as unclear now--as before.

Because, what I really wanted to know about today's Press Conference was whether Paul LoDuca's comments were heartfelt. From these reports, that's not a sure bet. Nothing could have benefited Paul LoDuca more than a honest apology. When anyone is sincere in their remarks, Americans--in general--are forgiving.

So--was Paul LoDuca earnest? Or, simply not candid?

I would love to know that answer.


Eric said...

As far as I'm concerned, there's simply no way to be candid while not saying what it is you're apologizing for... The guy may mean well, but candid? Nope.

paul said...

My friends in NY say we are getting a better player but not as good a person as Schneider. He seems like a bit of a head case, not exactly ideal for an inexperienced pitching staff.
As far as getting punished, any player named in the Mitchell Report who makes a full public mea culpa seems to be avoiding the penalty box.

Anonymous said...

somewhat irrelevant...but what is Cristian Guzman's new number?

Anonymous said...

Lo Duca came forward and apologized for something let's give him the benefit of the doubt especially when his transgressions were 6 years ago!

Jim H said...
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Jim H said...

It looks like we have to get comfortable with the fact that those of us willing to admit that we want to love this team will have to love the sum of its parts more than several of its individuals.

The powers that be have taken a large risk in getting talent relatively cheaply...but at the posssible cost of what was a fantastic clubhouse.

Milledge, I hear, shouldn't even be a concern. I'm feeling good about that young man.

Dukes? Lo Duca? Estrada? Can Manny and Dmitri keep a cap on it?

I know the key is to win. And if a team wins, poison in the clubhouse is often reclassified as "quirkiness". Malcontents tend to get referred to as "characters". Lovable goofs.

But if we don't get better on the field, we're in for a summer of moaning about the steps back this team has taken on and off the field.

Unless, of course, Manny works magic in making these personalities come together and change their ways. It's just rarely seen. (Tigers changing stripes and all that stuff.)

I'm gonna love the game, hopefully love the stadium and love that team. But I get the feeling there is going to be some dislike involved in getting to that good feeling.

SenatorNat said...

"I sincerely regret my lapse in judgment by not paying cash, instead of making a record by paying by check, and trying to help my teammates, who should have been left to find their own dealers." (full statement)

Trust in Johnny Estrada. All Good.