Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pete Orr

in 2008, Our Manager Manny Acta will have some solid help off the bench. All due to the signings of some veteran talents, players that can field more than one position. One of those possibilities includes Pete Orr. This Ontario, Canada Native can play 2B, 3B & Shortstop--as well as--the outfield. A perfect combination that gives Our New Number 4 a distinct chance of finding a role with Our Washington Nationals.

Pete was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time on Tuesday Afternoon.

You are one of the most intriguing players in camp, one of the many bench players they are looking to add to this team. How do you feel about this opportunity? (SBF)

“Coming into this camp, in this situation, I can’t try to look at the numbers thing. I can’t try worry about whether I can make the team—stuff like that—you just have got to play. I am looking forward to playing and when I get my chance—get going and noticed early."

Does anyone like Manny (Acta) ever really say anything to you? (SBF)

No—not really. Its hard for Manny and Jim (Bowden) to deal with many of us individually. Look at the numbers here (17 Infielders are in camp). Its hard to talk to players because you can’t really promise anybody anything and you know that everyone is fighting for a spot. It's one of those things were you have to play your way in. When you get the chance, make them notice you. Make them say; 'Hey, he can help.' Once they realize what you can do—then they begin to pay more attention.”

Would you accept a minor league assignment? (SBF)

“If I do start the year in AAA, I will just go with a positive attitude and play very hard to get out of there. The season is long, things happen, people get injured—opportunity usually always arises.”

Knowing how crowded the field is here—did you come here feeling you would get a shot at making the Major League Club? (SBF)

“Kind of, but I think this is a team that is growing up and developing an identity. Many (players) are aware of what's happening here. It would be very nice to be apart of that. But anytime and anyplace, when you go out there with the attitude that you can contribute to winning games—good things will happen. I know I can help this team.”

One thing this team has always lacked the past few seasons is someone like you that can play multiple positions, well—that’s helpful for you in this case? (SBF)

“Yes, but the tough part of that is there are others that can fill that role too here in this camp. I can’t let that get me down. I try to have the most positive attitude I can. I really like the group of guys, the coaching staff and the manager. Hopefully, I can be a part of the team and I will work hard to try to get there.”

I find it interesting that you and two other Braves Teammates are currently all in the same situation here with Washington. Willie Harris and Ryan Langerhans are alongside you fighting for a spot on The Nationals Roster. (SBF)

(Chuckling) “Yep, Langy and I came up all the way through The Braves system. We have been roommates most of our professional careers. Its very nice to be with both of them here again. Ryan is a good friend, and I became very good friends with Willie last season. So, it is nice to have people you know and someone you can talk to, confide in, than not know anybody and be silent—not talking to each other.”

Well you can also talk to The Team President—also from The Braves? (SBF—laughing)

“Yeah, there you go!! Stan Kasten and we have Pat Corrales too, and Johnny Estrada—there seems to be a bunch of us.”

And, a bunch of former Reds. (SBF)

“Yes, that too. But, honestly, I am lucky to know a bunch of guys. It makes everything easier. But, this is a great group of guys. There are no egos here. Everyone is a good person and hopefully I will get to be a part of that.”

You want to wear that Red, White & Gold. (SBF)

“That would be VERY NICE!!” (laughing)

Pete Orr--just one of the many players in camp for Our Washington Nationals looking to find a new home and contribute in 2008. Good attitude and from what he showed on the field--nice speed, very decent fielder.

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