Friday, February 15, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Winter is nearing an end. Spring is on the horizon--and Our Washington Nationals Pitcher & Catchers report today to Spring Training in Viera, Florida. Now entering their fourth year in Our Nation's Capital--this day does not get old--nor boring for me. No--that's not going to happen. From this Friday forward--until those chilly breezes of autumn, once again, return in October--IT'S BASEBALL TIME.

Over the next few weeks as the crisp cool air of the Florida Morning gives way to the soothing comfort of that ever warming sun--that most blistful of sounds will be heard. First, the "Wooshing" of a baseball travelling through air--followed almost immediately by "Thump"-- that wonderful tone of ball meeting leather. A pitch that brings great comfort to my heart. Nothing like it in sport. Followed subsequently by "CRACK"--that rythmic tone of wood smacking any baseball all over the yard. The "Woosh", The "Thump", The "CRACK" of the Bat--The Harmony that makes baseball so very special.

Yes, Spring Training 2008 is upon us. The Winter Stove Leagues have concluded. Speculation now turns to fact. Most every player will say they are healthy and ready to go. Every single one of them will be looking to have their BEST YEAR EVER. That's the facts. But, every one of them will also have to perform--on the field. Reputation will only get you so far. Over the next six weeks--Our Washington Nationals will attempt to bond into a team. 25 Young Men eventually--at any given time will be chosen--to transform The Inaugural Season of New Nationals Park into something more than just a Fresh Homecoming.

Major League Baseball returns today in Washington DC--872 miles to the south on I-95, for the 4th consecutive Spring. And for me, It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!!

Let's Play Ball!!

PS--The African Queen and I enjoyed a Wonderful Valentines Day!! Hopefully, so did you.


Anonymous said...

No details on the PS???

RallyTime Richard said...

I've been counting down also. I've not followed the blog for a while, but I'm back, inform me SBF.

To everyone in Nats320, happy new year and hope all is well!

SenatorNat said...

Such a great piece of news to trigger this year's Spring Training - that No. 22 thinks he has hop back on his heater: would it not be incredible if he, Shawn Hill, and Nick Johnson are 100% or near to it, going into 2008?!

Another piece of good news: in flipping through SI's soft porn special edition (Girls in "bathing suits") NO PICTURE OF PAUL LODUCA! This means that he is off the HGH, for sure, as we have learned this week that this is the ONLY reason anyone would take the stuff - to prepare for an SI shoot...

Trust in a Hoppy John Patterson. All Good.

Super Johan said...

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