Monday, February 04, 2008

National Baseball Hall of Fame Photo Essay--2nd Floor

Taking The Field: 19th Century

The Game: 1900-1930

The Babe Ruth Room

"Pride & Passion" The African-American Baseball Experience

The Game: 1930-1960

"Diamond Dreams" Women In Baseball

The Game: 1960-2000

No Hit Games & Baseball Cards

And last, but not least on the 2nd Floor--Today's Game & The Locker Room Exhibit

Tommorrow--the final installment of this Photo Essay. The Third Floor of Public Displays at The National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in Cooperstown, New York.

Photos-Property of Nats320--all rights reserved


Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed all your information provided and pictures of the hall of fame. Nice effort and thanks for sharing

SenatorNat said...

Truly a wonderful "virtual reality" tour of an American treasure. Thanks so much, you two!

Now - back to the reality of backroom deals and scurrilous billionaire Baltimore trial attorneys. It was announced on the Sports Reporters yesterday on Team Sports 980 that MASN would not broadcast any Nationals games in HDTV. What a joke - the whole world is heading to it, and this cheap little man is cheating us out of the experience to ring a few more $$$$ out of a lousy arrangement given to him as blackmail concession by old Bud.

Can you attempt to set up an interview with the powers that be in MASN to pursue this and any other matters pertaining to providing Nats fans with a "fair deal"? With your hammering on them, maybe they will capitulate as D.C. Council, and perhaps even Senator Arlen Specter can be compelled with the right grassroots pressure to inquire with MASN (code name: The Wire) as to what gives with this bum arrangement. Thanks in advance.

Trust in SBF, and Arlen. All Good.