Saturday, August 21, 2010

Strained Flexor Tendon In His Forearm

From the very moment Stephen Strasburg winced in pain during the 5th inning tonight at Citizens Bank, Sohna and I couldn't concentrate any longer of what turned out to be a great game for Our Washington Nationals--an 8-1 trouncing over The Philadelphia Phillies. Stephen Strasburg is too important to the future of D.C. Baseball to worry about just one game--late in a season--in which Washington is not in contention.

This injury was all about our future.

For the remainder of the game, we were on pins and needles awaiting the official information to be released by the team. In the meantime, hearing uncorroborated stories reporting that Strasburg suffered a wrist injury and another proclaiming an elbow injury--were just plain irresponsible. Confirm the story first, before claiming you got it right, that's the job of a journalist. Both reports were wrong.

The official word from Our General Manager Mike Rizzo--a strained flexor tendon in Stephen Strasburg's right forearm. The team will conduct an MRI tomorrow in Washington, D.C..

Here is an excellent explanation of Flexor Tendon Injuries at this link.

For now, the good news is that Strasburg's did not hurt his elbow. Ray Knight explained on MASN's post game that as long as the flexor tendon has not frayed from the bone--and an MRI would show that--the news would not be bad for Stephen. But until those final medical results are in--Sohna and I will anxiously await the final word.

Here's keeping our fingers crossed, and our legs too--wishing Good Luck to Stephen Strasburg.

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Laurie said...

crossing finger and toes!

natsfan1a said...

Good point regarding early, and unconfirmed, reports. That's a drawback of the Internet age, imo - the ease of disseminating misinformation. Seems like quite a few people were jumping to conclusions. Let's wait and see what the MRI, and the docs, say.

Also crossing my fingers, of course.