Friday, August 06, 2010

The Question: Who Wants It The Most?

When opportunity comes, it doesn't matter whether you've been injured most all year, deemed not as good as someone playing ahead of you--or simply regulated to the minor leagues for more seasoning. Every Major League Player must be ready to respond--because this chance might be your best circumstance to stand out--maybe even your last.

With Nyjer Morgan now placed on the 14-Day Disabled List due to a sore hip, Roger Bernadina will be given every opportunity to prove he can be a leadoff hitter. To do so, Bernadina must be more patient at the plate. He has to take more pitches. And he's got to continue to cut down on his swing and not try to do too much. Throughout his professional career, Roger has originally failed at every level of competition he's competed. But Our Number 2 has proven to be a strong understudy and maybe--more than anyone currently on Our Washington Nationals Roster--has rightly earned a place. He may stutter at the top of the lineup early, but don't count him out.

Michael Morse now Washington's starting rightfielder in the wake of Morgan's injury too. The man who can "Flat Out Hit" will start most every day over the next few weeks against both righthanded and lefthanded pitchers. Will Morse prove to be the force shown in limited duty this season? Or, will be struggle as The National League gets used to seeing him? His future playing time hinges on how he responds.

Except for Stephen Strasburg and Livan Hernandez, not a single other starter for Washington has seized ample opportunity to be given a regular starting rotation spot in Our Manager Jim Riggleman's lineups. John Lannan and Craig Stammen failed early and were sent down. Scott Olsen, Jason Marquis and Ross Detwiler all were injured and just recently returned to action. J.D. Martin now out for the season after being placed on the 60-Day Disabled List yesterday.

Luis Atilano became a placeholder in D.C.'s rotation when everyone else went down in April & May. Now with Lannan, Stammen, Olsen, & Detwiler back, Marquis coming on Sunday and Jordan Zimmermann sometime later this month or in early September--someone needs to step to the forefront. Someone needs to make a statement they belong here. Cuban Defector Yunesky Maya will be added to active roster in a few weeks as well. He's pretty much guaranteed a spot--John, Craig and Scott are not--Jason Marquis only if he's healthy.

With less than two months remaining in the 2010 season for Our Washington Nationals, those two everyday players (Bernadina & Morse) and five pitchers (Lannan, Stammen, Olsen, Detwiler & Marquis) must show they deserve to be included into the near and long-term future of Major League Baseball in The Nation's Capital. The audition time is officially upon all of them and their Big League Careers might well depend on the performances that follow.

When Opportunity Comes You Have To Seize It.

The Question: Who Wants It The Most?

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