Friday, August 20, 2010

Nats320's Pundit Debut On TBD TV

Last night, Nats320 made its pundit debut on TBD TV to discuss the Roger Clemens Indictment. Back in February, 2008, I covered the public hearing on Capitol Hill at The Rayburn House Office Building for my television network and Nats320.

As part of the Albritton Communications Community Network recently launched on television station--News Channel 8 has been rebranded TBD TV. For years on WJLA's sister station, Glenn Harris has hosted SportsTalk, a local sports programing talk show covering professional, college and high school sports. Yesterday, a producer for SportsTalk asked if Nats320 would be interested in appearing for five minutes or so on last night's 9:00pm live broadcast.


Sohna and I arrived at the Rosslyn, Virginia studios around 8:30PM. TBD's Washington Redskins Blogger, Mike Jones, was also on hand, as well as, Al Ferraro--Commissioner of Washington District Football Officials. After Harris opened the show with a rundown and review of the day's top sports news, Mike Jones joined Glenn on the set for around five minutes to discuss the ending of Redskins Training Camp.

After a commercial break, it was Nats320's time in the interview chair. Glenn and I discussed the 2008 hearing on Capitol Hill, the ramifications of what originally came out of Roger Clemens testimony and how the Seven-Time Cy Young Award Winner ended up being in such a predicament. It was a good chat. Total time on the air--somewhere between five and seven minutes. At the conclusion of the segment, the producers showed the Nats320 blog on air.

SportsTalk on August 19th concluded with Al Ferraro telling Glenn Harris how he's always looking for more High School referees and officials to work games.

We appreciated the opportunity to participate. It was a nice experience. After the program concluded, The African Queen and I headed over to the WJLA-TV 7 news side of operation to catch up with some of Sohna's former colleagues from ABC-7 News.

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SenatorNat said...

Very cool for SBF!

Seven (7) unlucky number for Bonds and Clemens it would appear (7 MVP; 7 CY). Not since Della Reese have we seen such an ugly putting of a head through a plate glass door. "Depends on how you define 'have a trainer stick a needle with Winstrol into your posterior'" is not a winning defense either.

And I might lose the lawyer who looks like central casting for a defense lawyer for a Texas oilman, too, in a bad made for T.V. movie. (Old Rusty looks like Curt Gowdy - that' the good news - fact that he looks like Curt Gowdy looks TODAY is the bad news...)

Trust in Chairman Waxman getting his pound of flesh. And the Joker is Wild. All Nolo Contendre, but where will that get you? Innuendo!

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Why do I have the feeling that if the Baseball Hall of Fame decided that steroid use should not necessarily be an impediment to induction, Barry Bonds would have an easier time getting inducted than Roger Clemens? The Rocket Man has torched a lot more bridges than Bonds.

paul said...

I guess they are serious with the name non-change. (They couldn't decide, so TBD.) Weird!