Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Parade To The Finish Line

We've always equated the Major League Baseball Draft Signing Deadline day to a Mardi Gras or Carnival Parade. The two sides dress up in their best costumes to pretend to be someone they are not beforehand. One might dance a little jig here, another might somber to a different beat over there, but once the end line approaches the realization hits that the real world is about to begin anew--and the two need to finish as one. Each must remove themselves from all the bluster and fanfare and make a proper business decision moving forward.

That's why Sohna and I never get too worked up over the over two-months of "supposed" negotiations since the 2010 June Draft took place in Major League Baseball. And that's why we are not surprised to hear, although completely denied by General Manager Mike Rizzo, that Our Washington Nationals have signed 2nd Round Pick Pitcher Sammy Solis from The University of San Diego for $1 Million and 4th Round Pick A.J. Cole (High School Pitcher signed to play college ball for The University of Miami) for $2 Million. (The Washington Post also reporting the Cole signing is close, but not a sure thing yet.)

No matter how out of sync and confusing the costumed dances may appear early on in the parade route--the rhythm to the beat usually comes together by the end.

That's also why we expect Bryce Harper to sign on the dotted line by midnight tomorrow evening as well. Agent Scott Boras may be one of the most festive revelers out there during the negotiation process-but he also usually gets his kids, like Harper, signed. Once the party hats come off and the music ends--Boras probably understands better than most that while the past 60 odd days of entertainment were all for the show--the finish line is all about the business.

And that's what counts the most.


Edward J. Cunningham said...

I really hope this isn't true, but a report has surfaced on the Nats' web page that some snag may undo the Cole signing:

Late snag nixes deal with Draft pick Cole

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I'm starting to hear rumors that the reason this deal might have been "snagged" is because it was too much over the slot, and also done too early. Hopefully, I'll hear better information in the morning.

P.S. Go to iMDB and you can see the new trailer for the Owen Wilson movie "How Do You Know?" One scene in the trailer shows Owen wearing a Nats uniform in the home bullpen.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Eddie: Yes, we have seen the tailer. It's just odd the bullpen scene is shot at Nationals Park but much of the remainder of the movie takes place in Philadelphia settings.