Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maybe Josh Just Needs A Break

Maybe Josh Willingham just needs a break, a breather, a few days to clear his head.

Struggling at the plate since early July, Our Washington Nationals starting leftfielder labored in the field last night at Nationals Park. Willingham missed a liner right off his glove in the top of the fifth. A difficult but playable baseball hit by The Florida Marlins Gaby Sanchez that sent Hanley Ramirez home with The Fish's 4th run of the evening and sent Our Manager Jim Riggleman to the mound to send Stephen Strasburg to the showers for the night.

Josh also appeared to misjudge a fly ball stroked by Dan Uggla in the top of the 3rd inning. Not sure if Willingham could have made the catch if he'd read the ball correctly, but his hesitation displayed someone with too many thoughts on his mind. The African Queen noting last evening that Our Number 16 just doesn't seem right of late. He's much better than that.

Josh Willingham is a very good Major League Player. He basically led Our Washington Nationals during the early portions of the 2010 schedule. Sometimes when players are struggling, they try to do too much. They over compensate for perceived weakness. But most of all, many players tend to let their slumps get into their heads. It would not be a disgrace to sit Josh Willingham down for a few games to refresh himself. He's a valuable player to Washington's Roster that just needs to get things back together again--mentally.

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