Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fresh New Photos From Nationals Park

On unrelated business near Nationals Park late this morning, I couldn't resist driving by and checking out what might be new on South Capitol Street--witnessed from outside the ballpark. There was plenty to take in, including two uses of The Red Curly "W" that were quite unique.

The Main Team Store located near Centerfield Plaza in Garage B now sports a very nifty Red Curly "W" Cap Awning above it's entrance way.

Just inside the gates could be seen new recycling bins--all containing Red Curly "W" Batting Helmet Tops. They really stand out, especially against the returning Blue with Red Curly "W" Trash Cans.

New Electronic Billboard Signs now placed above The Box Offices located in both Garages B & C. Two additional electronic Billboards above the entrance way to Centerfield Plaza.

Gigantic White Banners hung from both parking decks with Nationals Logo and "Welcome to Nationals Park Home of The Washington Nationals".

Even larger 2009 Promotional Banner hanging from Garage B just inside the gates next to The Main Team Store.

The three statues of Walter Johnson, Josh Gibson and Frank Howard covered and awaiting their unveilings on April 8th. Notice the new outside railed eating area just behind the two statues on the left. Red Porch Restaurant also having "Food & Spirits" added to its Signature Logo.

Large "Welcome to Nats Family Fun Area" Banner hanging off Garage C next to Exxon-Mobil Kids Zone.

Red, White, Blue--Stars & Bars--"DC" Logo now replacing the old Red Background with White "DC" Logo on the back of The Main HDTV Scoreboard--next to famous picture of Ryan Zimmerman being met at Home Plate at RFK after his Father's Day Home Run off The New York Yankees in 2006.

A really nice touch. Waving proudly from the top of the Gallery Level Roof Top--White Flags in what appear to be Alphabetical Order (but not positive)--running from the right field stands to the left field stands--of EVERY SINGLE TEAM IN THE MAJOR LEAGUES--flanked by Washington Nationals Logo Flags.

Finally--The Updated Ballpark Directory is out. If I am reading the contents correctly--"Red, Hot & Blue" has been replaced by The Triple Play Grill & Baseline Brews. Cantina Marina has been replaced by Pentagon Pizza. I believe those are generic stands and not associated with any Local Vendor. Also, behind Section 115, there is listed an Edy's Grand Ice Cream. I don't recall Edy's being available at Nationals Park in 2008--but I am not 100% sure.

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WFY said...

Has the store reopened yet? I tried stopping there a while back and it was shuttered.

Screech's Best Friend said...

WFY--The Team Store is fully stocked but there appeared to be some sort of Ballpark Related Job event going on when I was there today. People were lined up to get into the store, many coming and going--but no one was obviously buying anything.

VCUAlum Kyle said...

Is it just me or do the new electronic ad signs on top of the Centerfield entrace (aka the real main entrance into the ballpark) look tacky?

I loved taking group photos/family photos before or after every game/event outside of the centerfield entrace, now it looks like im going to have an ad in my photo now, ohh well.

Screech's Best Friend said...

ACUAlum Kyle: Although I wouldn't be surprised to see advertising, I was told these message boards will be used to advise and direct fans entering the ballpark. Such as--other ticket windows open. "All items must be checked before entering". "Welcome to Bobblehead Night" Those type of things.

SenatorNat said...

I'll take a little credit for two items which I have pushed since it was announced that the team was coming, with some of the insiders: 1. the 3 statues of WJ; Hondo; and Josh G. for the new stadium, to blend the Old Senators; Grays; and Nationals; and 2. the pennants atop the stadium, which I was pressing for at RFK, first, with anyone who would listen. My third pet project: alternating Curly W's along the top ridge of the red press box, blue and white, which would really be emblematic. And, signature from the centerfield camera stand,too. (ABM will remind me of a fourth obcession, I'm sure, that I lamented to the point of tedium the absence of the iconic baseball over the Red Porch, but I am gradually getting over it...)

I am hearing through the grapevine that the statues are designed to appear "in motion," not literally, but apparently done by the artist to appear as though they are actually pitching or hitting: this means they could be about as uncharacteristic as any such statue in the history of baseball and look it; OR, be really unique and fantastic. (Pray for the latter).

I have always subscribed to this adage: "we don't know a pitch-out from a trash-can, please don't pretend you have an eye for art." Tough to get a real artist to comprehend what a true baseball fan would consider a great rendition, I would bet, and vice versa.

Alas, the representation and the placement where the action is are the real points - the back is the front at Nationals Park, and its artistic renditions now to become part of its charm, I hope...

Trust in It Happens Every Spring. And all those Curly W's.

Softball Girl said...

What the heck is watchfire?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Softball Girl: WatchFire is the maker of the Digital Outdoor Signs at Nationals Park. You are seeing their test pattern on all the electronic billboards at Nationals Park today. It was constantly moving in and out. I am just showing pix that give an idea of what the signs can do. In fact under each sign it reads

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I enjoy looking at the flagpole atop the Red Loft bar which shows the pennants of all the N.L. East teams in standings order. (Obviously, I'd prefer the "Washington" flag to be flying a bit higher, but you get the point.) I wonder if...once the season gets underway...the Nats could arrange for the MLB flags to be organized by the standings in their divisions. The Orioles did this at Memorial Stadium before they moved to Camden Yards, where the flags now fly above the right field scoreboard.

Jay said...

I'd like to see representational pennant banners flown for '24, '25,'33 and W.S. for '24.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Jay: There has always been a 1924 Commemorative Washington Senators World Series Pennant flying at Nationals Park. It's flying on the very top of THE HDTV Scoreboard to the very far right--just off the "S" in Nationals. The Pennant is Red with White "1924"

Jay said...

Thanks SBF, I should have known that.

Do you know what the other three pennants are?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Jay: The other three pennants are just plain red. There is nothing else on them.

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy that they added the vendors to the map. I made that suggestion after opening day last year. It helps fans know what is available in the park.

Edy's Ice Cream was indeed at Nats Park in 2008.

I called the team store yesterday and they told me that they open on Saturday.

Team flags are nice. Camden Yards and Wrigley Field display theirs by standings.

Can't wait for Saturday!

Sean said...

There was a Pentagon Pizza in that area last year. I'm wondering, given the popularity of Five Guys, if they are just expanding into the Cantina Marina spot.

BTW, the statues do look nice in person.

Unknown said...


weren't the vendors already on the map?

Screech's Best Friend said...