Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tough Love

Don't want to hear any excuses.


Not--Our Pitchers need to throw more strikes.

Not--Our Fielders need to concentrate more and make less errors.

Not--Our Hitters need to be more focused at the plate.

You guys are professional. You should know what each of you is capable of doing.

This Is Major League Baseball after all. You should know what is expected of you.

And we don't care whether any player for Our Washington Nationals has been in the Big Leagues for 10 Days or 10 Years, each should also be responsible enough to play the game on the biggest stage.

Act And Play Like You Belong There.

After today's 16th game of 2009--you really had to wonder. Our Washington Nationals now find themselves in a big hole--10 games down in the loss column. 3-13 Overall, already 8 Games out of First Place. A position not wanted on many levels. But bearable if you believe everyone is working hard--and not giving up.

What Our Washington Nationals are doing right now is giving games away. They are taking away virtually all their chances to win. Remember, most every team loses 1/3rd of all their games every year--54 Total. Most every team wins 54 games each season. And what every team does in those final 54 games to fill out the 162 Game Schedule decides whether you are Good, Bad or Ugly. At this point in April, Our Washington Nationals are losing each of those other 54 games. They are playing some ugly baseball and they need to get ahold of themselves on that issue.

Like right now!!

You can't continuously throw balls off the plate from the mound.

You can't continuously drop ground balls or fly balls hit in your direction.

You can't hope Someone Else gets that key base hit.

You have to be responsible for yourself, your work and your performance.

Come On Guys!! We Are Better Than This.

You all, collectively, need to do a better job.

It's time for everyone of you, Our Players for Our Washington Nationals, to pull yourselves together and understand you have to perform on a higher level than shown so far in 2009. None of you made The Major Leagues without having talent. And none of you are less responsible than another for this early season slump. Stepping up and competing at the skill level everyone knows you are capable--is your number one goal this Saturday Evening.

No. Please, no more excuses.

Time to Play Ball!! Major League Baseball on the skills level considered acceptable.

The African Queen and I can put up with the losses. We can suffer through the rebuilding of Our Franchise with the very best of those out there. We Care and We Love Our Team. And we want to see Our Washington Nationals do better--eventually win consistently. We've always been there for you and always will.

The winning is coming. That fact Sohna and I have no doubt.

But whether Our Washington Nationals are Good, Bad Or Ugly-- we want to watch Professional Major League Baseball in Washington, DC--knowing every single one of you is giving their very best effort out there on the field of play--each and every day.

Nothing else is acceptable.

We know, that's some Tough Love. But it's how The African Queen and I feel this evening.

Don't Give Up. LIKE EVER!! No matter how bad it seems.

You know, Sohna and I will always be there for you--ALWAYS.

Today's InGame Photo--Julie Jacobson (AP)


Anonymous said...

I agree 100% with this column. Who wants to endure a 30-132 season?

Nash said...

"Come On Guys!! We Are Better Than This."

I'm not so sure, SBF. Compare our depth chart with that of the New York Mets. They are better than us at EVERY SINGLE POSITION. We can't compete like this. Forbes says the Nats had a 40something million dollar profit last year. The Lerners say they are reinvesting all profits in to the team. But the on-field product does not seem to represent that, and I'm not just talking about free agents. Where are all the guys we were supposed to be developing? The Marlins find good players, why can't we? We are no better than we have been playing.

Keith said...

I feel like I just watched Rudy.

Anonymous said...

Best post this year. Two things need to happen SBF. I believe our skipper has lost this ship. Doesn't mean he's not a good Captain, just not for this cruise. There comes a time when some things are evident, I believe this is one of those times.

Also, the FO should have a press conference dedicated to the area on changes that will be made immediately, whether its players or coaches. If the top refuses to change it's course, this is a lost cause. Excellent point to not single out anyone, it's collective and contagious without the proper antidote.

I still believe in this teams talent, but changes MUST be made.

Go Nats!

Anonymous said...

its true. your in the big leagues now and its about time you played like it. the Nats can play and fight with the best of 'em but their clutch offense is god awful. Nobody...NOBODY scores no runs with the bases loaded and 0-1 outs. oh, wait a minute.... the Nats do. Being a Nats fan raises my blood pressure dramatically. Oh, btw, F*ck Cintron. 'Nuff said

NatsGuy said...

Even I couldn't watch what was going on today. It was one step below minor league baseball. I went to see Oregon State play UCLA today and that was a much better game.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Manny Acta does not need to win the pennant this year, but if the Nats do not play much better by the end of the year than they are now, I will be very surprised to see him back next year as manager.

NatsGuy said...

I suspect he is under more pressure than by the end of the year. i think he might be gone by May 1st if the the team isn't playing well. The problem they are having is who wants to come to Washington to manage this mess.

Screech's Best Friend said...

Until The General Manager's Position is permanently filled by Mike Rizzo, or someone else--the team really can't make a move with any manager. And we are all for Manny to stay. He really has yet to be given a decent 25-Man Roster.
But first there has to be stability in The GM Role.

You can't have an interim GM go in one direction, then hire another GM that goes in the other. That would make everything even worse. There is enough uncertainty now.

Just saying, but calmer minds must prevail.

DCNats said...

"He really has yet to be given a decent 25-Man Roster"

When, when are the excuses going to end? This is one of the most laughably inept baseball teams i have ever seen, and they are barely showing up for games, just like the fans. At this point they remind me of the 1962 New York Mets. I know you're a loyalist but COME ON.

JayB said...

How did we get to this place?

2005 was such a great time. 2007 July gave us such hope. Now it is 2009 and we are lower than we have ever been. Who is responsible? What can be done?

Anonymous said...

This is a different side of you guys! You should do more posts like this in the future.