Friday, April 10, 2009

Well Worth The Read

In heartfelt sorrow due to the tragic death of Los Angeles Angels young pitcher Nick Adenhart and two others in the Hit & Run Accident from two nights ago, one of the best friends of one of the other persons who died on the scene in Fullerton, California Wednesday Night/early Thursday Morning in the same vehicle--has written a touching goodbye to his lifelong buddy.

Well Worth The Read. Warning--It's Sad.


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Andrew Lang said...

Nick was born at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD and played up in Washington County near Hagerstown MD so he has local roots and on another Blog people who knew him well have shared stories of his legend in their town.

SBF, thanks for letting us know about one of the other kids who also was killed in the car along with one other and another who is still in critical condition. All in all 3 young lives lost. It is so easy sometimes to talk of the "celebrity" who is killed with no mention of the others.

This is a senseless tragedy. A shame.