Friday, April 03, 2009

New Batting Practice Option

When The African Queen and I were chatting with Team President Stan Kasten after today's Food Tasting & Nats Family Fun Area Tour at Nationals Park, Mr. Kasten mentioned to us that those fans who wish to attend Batting Practice for all regular season games in 2009, can not only step into the ballpark beginning 2 and 1/2 Hours before every game, but they are no longer RESTRICTED to just the LEFT FIELD/Centerfield Plaza Area and those accompanying seats at The South Capitol Street Ballpark.

All fans will now be able to roam the entire OUTFIELD PORTION OF THE MAIN CONCOURSE ONLY--Basically from Foul Pole to Foul Pole--(Approximately, as he was not sure of the actual sections--Section 100 through 106--Same as 2008. But also all sections from The Red Porch Restaurant over to Section 138 or 139--Right Field Foul Pole). More concession stands will be open, more seats will be available (both in and out of the sun) and The Nats Family Fun Area will be fully operational.

90 Minutes before every game--the remainder of Nationals Park will open. For Saturday's Exhibition Game versus The Orioles, this new rule will not be in affect--as many fans will already be in the park for the Full Season Ticket Holder Fan Appreciation Day.

The Levy's Food Tasting and Nats Family Fun Area Tours soon to follow here on Nats320.


Andrew Lang said...

Remind me of the rule last year, was it 2 hours before the game you could get in?

Screech's Best Friend said...

2 1/2 Hours for Centerfield Plaza. 90 Minutes for everything else.