Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Rushmores On The Party Circuit

With all the activity surrounding The Winter Caravan, Season Ticket Holder Luncheon and NatsFest over the past six days, there was not a really good time to post up The Inauguration Photos Of Our Racing Presidents on the party circuit. Not only did Abe strut down Pennsylvania Avenue on top of The Illinois Float for The 44th President Of The United States' Inauguration Parade, but he along with Tom, GW & of course Teddy, partied throughout The District of Columbia that evening of January 20th, 2009. Here are a few of those photos showing The Rushmores strutting their stuff--courtesy of Our Washington Nationals.

Abe, Tom & George at The Black Tie & Boots Inaugural Ball.

Always on a course of his own--Teddy flying solo at The Delaware & Arkansas Inaugural Balls.

And now some Bonus Pictures--My Best Friend!! Screech!! in Syracuse with Teddy at The Chiefs Hot Stove Banquet on Friday, January 16th.

Never shy for the camera--Our Lovable Loser--Teddy--always gets the big TV Interview.

No matter where Our Racing Presidents go, they always draw a crowd.

All Photos Courtesy of The Washington Nationals--All Rights Reserved.

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JAB said...

Great pictures! There's something about the jowl-lighting that makes Teddy look just a little sinister at those parties...