Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rebuilding Together--The Final Touches

"In these dire economic times, if we can assist someone, then we have got to give them our helping hand." said Laura Zabel, The Associate Director of Rebuilding Together of Washington, DC. "You really have to do whatever you can do to assist some people." Ms Zabel was standing outside Angela's home in SE Washington DC. The same domicile where, you may recall, The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation is helping to refurbish. A grant from The Dream Foundation, partnering with Rebuilding Together is renovating, cleaning up and restoring this Mother of Four's House. Angela has Multiple Sclerosis and can not work due to her disability.

Strapped by this debilitating disease, limited manpower and funds, The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation has stepped up to the plate to give Angela a much needed lift. Leading up to today's final touches, the following work has all been completed:

1. A new roof has been built for Angela's house.

2. A restoration of the front and back porches while building new railings and adding stair treads.

3. The installation of two exterior doors & locks.

4. The replacing and insulating of water damaged ceilings.

5. The clearing and mulching of Angela's backyard.

6. The re-working of numerous electrical and plumbing repairs.

7. And the providing of a dumpster for removing all construction debris and any household items requested by the family.

Following in the steps of Nationals Park's Maintenance and Facility Staff, at 8 A.M this morning (Tuesday, January 13th) another work crew from Our Washington Nationals posted up at Angela's House to paint, trim and provide some finishing touches to this effort. Wearing Curly "W" White Tee-Shirts & Green Curly "W" Caps, nearly 20 additional Front Office Employees for Our Washington Nationals were on hand volunteering their time. Along with Vera Maher, The Managing Coordinator of The Dream Foundation and Jennifer Jopling--Dream Foundation Assistant & Planner, Our Washington Nationals were represented by Squire Galbreath, Assistant GM/Baseball Administration; Cheryl Stevens from The Executives Office; Lisa Pagano from Communications; Nadia Wajid from Community Relations and Shannon Parks from Corporate Partnership.

"Just like last Friday, they showed up early and were ready to go," stated Laura Zabel. "We are going to have to come back to complete some of the trim work. But the majority of this effort will be completed today. I can't tell you how happy we are with their work (The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation & Nationals Staff). Just incredible."

Laura went on the say that Angela was still overwhelmed and extremely pleased with the ongoing transformanation of her house. But due to MS, she had to spend this day resting and was unavailable for comment. Fortunately, Angela will get another opportunity to thank Our Washington Nationals in person. At a date to be determined, Players from Our Team will be stop by Angela's Home in SE for a Grand Reopening. A ribbon cutting, if you will--that will be a Must See Event.

Honestly, it's hard to believe the difference in this home over just a couple of short days--when people care. Remarkable actually.

On another note--when My Best Friend!! Screech!! shows up for the festivities, you better believe there is some fun to be had. And none better than this chance drive-by of Angela's House by a parent with her son in the back seat of their vehicle. This mom immediately rolls down her window and shouts out: "It's you!! It really is SCREECH!! Look Honey!!" (to her child) Whereupon My Best Friend makes EVERY effort to have fun with this lady's young son--even pulling out a Star Wars Lightsaber from the passenger side front seat. Whereupon you have NEVER seen such a deadpan expression in your life from any kid. He didn't waver. This kid just stared blankly at Screech!! It was HILARIOUS!! The Mother far more excited than her infant was to be. "This is just great!!", exclaimed the Mom. "I can't wait to get home to tell your Father!" Unfortunately, the Child may never know what he witnessed. Too Funny!!

Really, it was.

And all for a good cause. While Our Washington Nationals rebuild Our Franchise on the field of play, The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation is helping to rebuild The Very Community in which they reside.

PS--Of course Screeeech!! got me good at the end, when while we were taking our customary picture, and first of 2009, My Best Friend!! decided to show my freshly shaved head!! Thanks Screech!! I owe you!!

And yes that is a "DC" Nationals Cap Screech has in his hands. I didn't go out in public without something Nats today, but I did come from The White House for this update story--and you can only get away with so much there. Oh, the horror of wearing anything but Nats Gear. Mr. Kasten might be mighty upset with me for showing up in public in such drab fashion (Just Kidding).

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Keith said...

Mad props to you and that whole group. Great work by great people.