Friday, January 23, 2009

Rebuilding Together & Our Washington Nationals

“Oh man, this is awesome!! It is beautiful!!," exclaimed Angela. "My children now have a brighter smile after we went to re-do their rooms last night. The rooms upstairs are just awesome. We spent about two and one-half hours up there last night redecorating. It was just beautiful. BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a blessing and my children are just ecstatic.”

We were back at Angela's home again, this time surrounded by even more members of Our Washington Nationals--The Front Office, The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation, as well as some players and coaches from the field--Our Manager Manny Acta, Radio Broadcaster Charlie Slowes and four players from Our Team. All were on hand in SE D.C. this morning to wish Angela well on her nearly completed home renovation. As you may recall--The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation and Rebuilding Together of Washington, DC partnered in an effort to assist a needy resident in want of home repairs.

And Angela was determined the best fit for this pilot project.

With most of the work now finished, today was the day for Our Washington Nationals to give Angela just a little bit more tender loving care. Manny, Charlie, Joel Hanrahan, Willie Harris, Steven Shell and Terrell Young all posted up to wish Angela well and to also shower her with just a few more gifts.

Our Number 14 handing Curly "W" Gift bags to not only this mother of four girls, but for her children too.

Then, Marla Lerner Tanenbaum--The Chair of The Dream Foundation presented to Angela along with Alphonso Maldon, Jr.--Dream Foundation President--the really big surprise. A Special Gift Pack which includes tickets to Opening Day at Nationals Park this coming April 13th, 2009 against The Philadelphia Phillies.

The attention so greatly unexpected for her, Angela could not hold back any longer.

"Don’t make me cry? Lord have mercy please don’t let me cry!! I’ve been trying to hold back, but this is such a blessing. I've done good from day one, now you got me crying. But at least they are happy tears, tears of joy.”

After years of worrying whether the very home she has lived in over the past 10 years was structurally sound, Angela can now safely rest her head tonight, knowing Our Washington Nationals, The Washington Nationals Dream Foundation and Rebuilding Together of Washington, DC all came together to help her. A needy resident who lives within the same confines in which Our Washington Nationals & Washington Nationals Dream Foundation work. Once again showing that a Major League Baseball Team can be a vital part of their very own community.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the report. It's nice that the team is having the caravan for fans, but it's even better that they are helping out community members in this way. Atta boys (and gals), Nats and Foundation folks!