Saturday, January 31, 2009

Did You Know Facts About 2008

Looking through the 2008 Season Statistics for Our Washington Nationals--the following "Did You Know Facts" stood out for me. Less obvious notes that you might not otherwise catch. The African Queen was getting a kick out of hearing some of these while learning more about Our Team.

After finishing 2008 with a 59-102 record, Washington has recorded a 284-363 (.439) record since the Inaugural Season of 2005. The Franchise's 24th losing season in their 40th year of Major League Baseball.

Last May 19th, when Washington defeated The Philadelphia Phillies on South Capitol Street, The Franchise recorded it's 3000 Career Victory. The first 2,755 coming as The Montreal Expos.

Washington did have a winning 5-2 record when drawing greater than 35,000 at Nationals Park. And were 16-18 when the crowds at home reached 30,000 or more.

But they were winless on Artificial Turf (0-3), 59-99 on grass, and were shutout 20 times.

Washington had 32 Wins and 49 Losses at the halfway point to the season. 27 & 53 the rest of the way.

August was the closest Washington came to playing .500 ball for any particular month: 14-15.

Wearing Home Whites--Our Washington Nationals were 26-33. Wearing "DC" Red: 8-13.

The Atlanta Braves were soundly beaten in the season series against Washington--Braves losing 12 of the 18 games played. The Florida Marlins on the other hand--pounded Washington to a tune of 14 Wins and just 3 Loses.

Washington used 50 different players, 25 of whom were pitchers. 15 Rookies donned a Nationals Uniform in 2008.

Only Shawn Hill and Nick Johnson are the remaining players that wore Montreal Uniforms before the team moved to DC.

By finishing with the worst record in Major League Baseball, Washington will be given The Number One Overall Pick in the 2009 Entry Draft. The Franchise has never drafted first before in 40 years. The Expansion Washington Senators picked first in 1969 and chose Jeff Burroughs--who eventually became an American League MVP and Two-Time All-Star.

Ryan Zimmerman is the only current National to have started at least three straight Opening Days for Washington (2006-2008).

19 Different Players were involved with 30 Disabled List Transactions in 2008--losing 1216 total games in 2008. Ironically, this number is LOWER than 2007. During the final season at RFK Stadium, Our Washington Nationals lost 1260 player games to The DL. (I was stunned to read that fact)

Cristian Guzman was the only Opening Night Starter to not go on the DL in 2008. Every position on the field was affected, except shortstop. "The Guz" and Willie Harris were the only players that were on the roster all season that DID NOT visit The DL. (Everday Players that were available for all 162 Games).

Emilio Bonifacio and Roger Bernadina both wore two different uniform numbers last year. Bonifacio first 6, then 7; Bernadina first 7, then 2 (after FLop was released). Rob Macowiak and Alberto Gonzalez both wore number 12 in 2008. Ray King and Charlie Manning both wore number 36.

Guzman had 57 Multi-Hit Games; Milledge 35; Harris 26; Zimmerman 23 (despite missing 50 games to injury).

Jesus Flores led the team with 18 Multi-RBI Games; Milledge was next with 14 and Ronnie Belliard had 13; Zimmerman 12.

Washington had 59 Game Winning Hits total--Jesus Flores, Elijah Dukes, Ryan Zimmerman and Lastings Milledge provided 26 of those--and Willie Harris provided five more. So 5 different players provided more than 50% of Washington's 2008 Game Winning Hits.

Dukes also led the team in Outfield Assists (9), far outdistancing the second most by Harris with four. Remember, Dukes missed nearly half the season to injury.

The Last Home Run hit by Our Washington Nationals during the Inaugural Season at Nationals Park was stroked by Ryan Zimmerman. Ironically, off Scott Olsen, then of The Marlins--now a teammate on 9/23/08.

The Last Home Run given up by Our Washington Nationals during the Inaugural Season at Nationals Park was given up by Levale Speigner. And just as ironically, Josh Willingham, then of The Marlins, now a National--hit that one on 9/24/08.

And finally--17 different Minor Leaguers in the Farm System Of Our Washington Nationals made their respective league All-Star Teams in 2008:

Garrett Mock (P), AAA--Columbus
Jordan Zimmermann (P), Bobby Brownlie (P) & Mike Daniel (OF)--AA Harrisburg
Adrian Alaniz (P), Edgardo Baez (OF), Matt Rogelstad (INF), Craig Stammen (P) & Josh Wilkie (P)--A Potomac
Michael Burgess (OF), Bill Rinehart (1B), Sean Rooney (C)--A Hagerstown
P.J. Dean (P--now traded to Florida in Olsen/Willingham Deal), Michael Guerrero (OF), Derek Norris (C)--A Vermont
Chris Curran (OF), Esmailyn Gonzalez (SS--GCL Batting Champion)--Rookie Gulf Coast League.

Just some interesting facts about Our 2008 Washington Nationals worth passing along. Study Notes for The African Queen as her Graduate Work in Baseball continues.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all those facts - I'm definitely just as stunned as your are in seeing that total DL time in 2008 was LESS than 2007. Go figure...

On another note, do you know anything about CenterPlate being replaced? I understand they are out, but I'm surprised there's been no coverage anywhere (except from the one artice in the WBJ).

Screech's Best Friend said...

Brian: Yes, I have known about Centerplate being out for some time. But Centerplate, The Nationals and Levy Restaurants-the new concessionaire are all tight lipped on the matter. No one is saying anything at all. Like Nothing. Even Levy's Website took down any mention of Nationals Park instead now saying SE DC Jobs available.

FMI--the previous holder of the rights to sell memorabilia at RFK is apparently back for 2009. Centerplate did both concessions and memorabilia in 2008. Mr. Kasten says some sort of big announcement is coming very soon on all of this.

Yes, I was sort of surprised Centerplate is now gone. When I last talked with them they were moving forward with 2009 plans. Thanks.

paul said...

Wait--48 out of the 50 roster players made the DL? It can't be. Say it ain't so. Did you mean the opening day roster? Still . . . .

Re Dukes's assists--Is there any doubt in the sane baseball mind that he belongs in CF and Milledge in one of the corners?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Paul: No, you are reading the sentence wrong. 19 players for Washington combined for 30 DL Trips, that includes multiple trips by the same players. Dukes, I think would qualify for three separate DL trips in the 30. Sorry for any confusion.

And as for Dukes in center, the moment I read that 9 outfield assists stat, there was no further doubt in my mind he is the best person for Centerfield as well.

Anonymous said...

I think that's it's obvious there is no way but up for this team in '09.

Anonymous said...

I remember Zim hitting that homerun on 9/23 but didn't realize it was the last by a National at home. So that means Zim hit the first AND last homeruns by a National at home for Nats Park's inugural season. Bookends.