Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Young Talented Southpaw

Back in the June 2007 Entry Draft Our Washington Nationals gambled, picking a highly touted high school pitcher. A lefthander named Jack McGeary whom had already committed to pitching at Stanford University. As McGeary's status dropped with many teams at that summer's draft rounds passed, Washington decided to choose the then 18 Year Old in the 6th round--hoping to somehow sign him. Like Aaron Crow this past summer, McGeary negotiations went down to the wire--but were finally successful--in Jack's case. On August 15th, 2007 Our Washington Nationals worked out a very creative contract which allowed Jack to attend Stanford, but play for Washington's Minor League Teams during the off-season and spring breaks. He was ineligible for collegiate ball, but he was officially a professional baseball player advancing on a much smaller scale than many of his contemporaries.

Now it appears all that hard work by Washington to bring Jack McGeary on board has paid off. After two limited season's of professional baseball, word is out that this young lefthander wants to commit full time to Our Washington Nationals. This is a very good sign. Washington gambled back in 2007, when everybody else passed. Now fortune is blooming. McGeary could be another impact arm for Our Washington Nationals ever evolving pitching staff.

Another southpaw to stand alongside John Lannan, Scott Olsen and Ross Detwiler. Lefthanders folks--all with talent. If you can never have enough pitchers, you can also NEVER have enough Young Talented Southpaws.

A very nice sign (and signing).

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Anonymous said...

College life is great when your parents are paying for it. But, when you have all those bucks in the bank in your name and everyone knows it, well that's a different story. . .
Welcome to the rest of your life Jack!