Thursday, March 13, 2008

Simply--No--On That Extra Stop

OK--So Our Washington Nationals want to run a Free Shuttle Service from RFK Stadium to New Nationals Park for any fan wanting. Reportedly, this Express Bus will only take approximately 10 Minutes to make its route to and from the ballparks. Now--with just a few short weeks to go--DC Council Member Tommy Wells wants the Shuttle Service to make a extra stop--IN HIS DISTRICT--Barracks Row--to accommodate the burgeoning restaurants and shops along the way.

Sorry buddy, but NO WAY!!

This extra stop would make the whole point of the shuttle moot. Why drive to RFK Stadium, wait the few minutes for the shuttle to take off (everyone knows there will be some waiting time between rides) to then go pick up MORE FOLKS along the way.

That is inconvenient.

This Express Bus IS FOR Fans who drive to any Nats game. This Express Bus IS NOT a commuter service for DC residents that live along the way. The reason for the shuttle is to expedite fans to and from the game--not to become a scenic tour bus. Did Metro not redesign the N22 Bus from Union Station through Eastern Market? A faster bus service covering the exact area Mr. Wells wants the Nats to now provide for FREE?

Our Washington Nationals better hold their ground on this one with The DC Government. Because, the very moment The Nats Express begins making extra stops between RFK Stadium & New Nationals Park--will be the day The African Queen and I consider it NOT a viable and reasonable option.

Stay the course--please don't veer off. That's why it's called an EXPRESS BUS.


SenatorNat said...

Good thing ol' #9 isn't a D.C. City Councilman, since it would have to make a stop at the hotel district, too, to let off "Diamonds on the way to the diamond."

Trust in Special Privilege (and pay for their transportation in cash!) All Good.

WFY said...

An additional Nats express to-from Barracks Row would not be a bad idea though, at least until the Near SE scene picks up in 2009.