Friday, March 14, 2008

Scouting Report--Clearwater

A regular Nats320 Commenter is in Florida this week on Reconnaissance and sends this fine picture to describe his scouting assignment today between The Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies in Clearwater. Nice work Tom--The African Queen and I can't wait for your update.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props!

My analysis of the NL East. Pitching , pitching, pitching. When this year is over the team whose pitching staff perseveres through the 162 game schedule will be the NL East champion. All the teams have holes. Most of the holes are are in the pitching staffs. All the NL East teams have good offensive players. But, they all have rally stoppers. The Mets are the only team with a true ace, J Santana. Florida's young pitchers may be back, so don't count them out. But, every team has questions about their pitching staffs. These question will be answered by the end of May.

The hardest part of evaluating spring training game performances is the travel teams always leave some of their stars at home and the home team plays all its stars. This makes for natural mismatches and inflates the stars performances while reducing the prospects performances. A prospect really has to shine under these circumstances.

Highlight of the week so far (not withstanding Mike's performance) was watching Tommy Lasorda royal entry (with Jim Bowden by his side)before the Dodgers game in Dodgertown. The fans just love him and he loves them back.

Finally, Thursday I watched Jack McGeary pitch a bullpen under the watchful eye of Randy St Claire yesterday. Lots of young raw talent for Randy to work with. It would be interesting for you to to interview Randy and discuss all the young pitchers he's seen this Spring at advance camp and spring training.

One more game tomorrow. Now looking for the GW v St Joe game next Saturday in the new stadium.

Let the games begin!!

Screech's Best Friend said...

"Not Withstanding Mike's Performance" that is the finest comment in your analysis. Just Great Stuff!! Sohna Says You Are The Best!! I agree!!

paul said...

To paraphrase Charlie Dressen, the Braves is dead. The competition is the Mets and the Phils. By 2009 the Nats should make the race interesting.

Anonymous said...

The Braves are going to out score you. Don't count them out. And they do have a true ace in Hudson.