Friday, March 07, 2008

The Red Porch

Nothing stood out more at New Nationals Park yesterday than the "Red Porch". Attending The Cherry Blossom Tree Planting Ceremony--gave me the opportunity to explore a new area of The South Capitol Street Ballpark. During each previous visit--this particular area was under heavy construction. No longer--as the Centerfield Restaurant is looking mighty inviting.

The Red Seats just stand out. All of course, have the Curly "W" molded into their sides. And the seats closest to The Red Porch Restaurant (The Centerfield Lounge), not only are fully padded, but have Elbow Side Table Rests every two seats. Included in this section is my favorite amenity in the entire ballpark--nylon rope cargo carriers attached to the bottom of each and every seat. You no longer have to worry about that jacket, sweater, purse, scorecard--whatever--being trampled on, spilled over or just plain trashed. No--now there is some protection from the discourteous ways of others.

Hallalujah!! IN A BIG WAY!!

These Cargo Carriers are just a simple and great idea. So much so, they should be added to every seat in the ballpark. Simplicity--what a concept.

Even better--the view of the game in front of you is nice. Now personally, I would not wish to sit in The Red Porch as a Season Ticket Holder every single game--but there is a definite attraction. Every once in while--the centerfield vantage point--with these added amenities would be inviting. Sohna loves the seating and it does not hurt that The Centerfield Lounge Section (the fully padded seats) includes a $20 Food Service Credit--alcohol also (Three Beers?). We are going to give it a try one night soon--into the season. You have to experience it all--or you just don't know--for sure.

Interestingly--behind but attached to The Red Porch Restaurant is a Video Display on the Centerfield Concourse--situated away from the field sightlines--allowing patrons to watch the game or other video events while moving around the back side of the ballpark. A thoughtful addition.

Also--the first of the Parking Garage Visuals is up on the East Garage. This one depicting all The National League Teams. The American League also will be represented, as well as, A Washington Sports Hall of Fame Banner--similar to the one over the right field fence at RFK Stadium.

Finally, I can't get enough of the vintage signage. Now including Thanks, or Gracias--en espanol. Nice touch to a very diverse community.


Anonymous said...

When they unveiled the scoreboard and installed home plate on Tuesday, I noticed a net under every President's Club seat as well.

(click on my name to see the pic)

Anonymous said...

Jeff we continue to be amazed by your work so keep it coming! Biff

Anonymous said...

Can you confirm that they decided not to put the spinning baseball on top of the RPR? I'd love to see a 50ft beer bottle ala Griffith Stadium!

Screech's Best Friend said...

6th & D--Yes, The Spinning Baseball is OUT on top of the Red Porch Restaurant. It was considered too costly an addition with the deadline that needed to be met. Matt Haas, Project Manager for Clark Construction told me that item is definitely not on the final designs for March 30th.

Brandon said...


Thanks for these posts. They are great for showing all of us some of the little details that we might otherwise miss in the frenzy and crowds of the first few games. I'm looking forward to sitting in different sections this season to take in all these different experiences.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo of the Red Porch. Do you know the status of the giant baseball that is to rest on top of the Outfield Restaurant?
The outfield parking garage is unsightly the giant baseball would be a nice touch.

Anonymous said...

Jeff -

One thing I haven't heard anywhere -- and apologies if you've mentioned this somewhere -- is whether any of the restaurants/bars in the ballpark will be open past the end of games. There may be times when attendees (like me) would have a half an hour or so to kill to let the Metro crowds thin out before heading home. Do you have any info about whether this will be the case?


AToni said...

I was one of the fortunate ones who sat in the Red Porch seats. They are the best seats in the ball park. Not the ones closest to the field but the real nice ones just above with plenty of space, tables and waiter/waitress service. These are the Diamond Club seats of center field. Soon to be the most sought after seat in the ball park. These seats do not compare to the Green Monster THE RED PORCH SEATS ARE 1,000 TIMES BETTER.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I went to the game on 4/25/2008 against the Cubs. I sat in section 240, the scoreboard pavilion. The only complaint I have is sitting in the scoreboard pavilion you are directly under the scoreboard and therefor you can not view the scoreboard. I was thinking they could put another video screen on the other side of the park on either side of the pressbox. Other then that, it is a great park.