Friday, January 04, 2008

A Washington Baseball Hall Of Fame

For some time there has been talk of a Washington Baseball Hall of Fame, commemorating baseball in The Nation's Capital, to be established at New Nationals Park. This endeavor separate from the three statues of Washington Greats and Hanging Baseball Mobile already planned for installation. This new work, driven by Our Washington Nationals, might be assisted by The Baseball Hall Of Fame. Team President Stan Kasten mentioned last year that this venture was a real possibility--but no details have yet to unfold.

Apparently, there are plans being made.

Just the other day, I was in contact with The Baseball Hall of Fame on a business related matter and took the opportunity to ask whether The Hall of Fame was involved in such a project on South Capitol Street. The response was POSITIVE--there has been some talk on the matter--although all the decisions will be made by Washington Management. The Baseball Hall of Fame is always willing to work with any of the Major League Teams asking, to provide assistance in their quest to recognize local baseball history and greats. Still in the preliminary stages of development--this project will not be added to the new ballpark until the 2009 season--at the earliest.

Getting New Nationals Park up and running for Opening Night on March 30th--takes precedent over the Museum Displays. The goal of this quest will be to show Washington D.C's Rich Baseball Past. And when that work is completed--give fans a better understanding of the importance Our Nation's Capital has played in the History of The Great Game.

Sounds Interesting.


WFY said...

Good news, but I was hoping there would be a D.C. Sports HOF. I think if all were included it would draw better.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Nationals Journal about the Fanfest, what a shame.

What in the world is this team thinking?

Anonymous said...

Can you do a post about why YOUR WASHINGTON NATIONALS again dropped the ball by making another promise that they are unable or unwilling keep?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update.

I wrote about what greats the Nationals might honor in a piece at my blog.

There's quite a bit to consider. Hope they take a look all the way back to those original Nationals that made history as far back as 1867.

Anonymous said...

A Washington Baseball HOF at or near the new stadium would be awesome!

An Briosca Mor said...

Gee, when did the Nationals ever promise to do a FanFest? IIRC, they never announced any plans to have one. However, their preliminary explorations toward doing one in Bethesda upset the DC Council enough to get the Washington Post involved in making it a cause celebre. If that hadn't happened, no one would have known of the tentative plans, and when the tentative plans were scrapped no one would have known about that either. Sure, it would have been nice if they'd been able to put together a FanFest, but the failure to do so doesn't even come close to being a "broken promise", at least in my opinion or even the opinion of any reasonable person, for that matter.

It seems to me that almost every one of the so-called "broken promises" of the Lerner/Kasten regime follow the same pattern: Media (usually the Post) asks some out-of-the-blue question about "Are there any plans for X?" or "What's the status of X?" Stan Kasten, rather than saying "I don't know" or "We're still thinking about that" instead mentions whatever tentative plans may exist about issue X. The Post and rabid fans take this statement from Stan as a committment or a promise from the team, and scream to high heaven if it doesn't take place. A word to the wise, folks: Just because something appears in the Post, it doesn't mean the Nats announced it or committed to it or promised it or anything of the sort. If the Nats announce that they will do something, there will be a press release saying so. Otherwise, it's just speculation. Got it?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Last month in my post concerning Holiday Festivities as New Nationals Park--I wrote that Team Officials informed me that due to the efforts of getting New Nationals Park up and running--a large scale Fanfest was not possible for this January. But, something similar on the lines of last year's Winter Caravan was in the works.

Now, I am just reporting what I was told. And, I remember the report of the use of a Bethesda Hotel for a Fanfest. But, as always, I have reached out to Our Washington Nationals for an response to the many questions today. If I get a reply--I will post it.

An Briosca Mor--That's a rocking and great comment--And DEAD RIGHT!!

Anonymous said...

Come on SBF,

The Auto Show is the best they can do for the Fans? I think you are on very thin ice defending the latest Nats back track. Remember when they came in and promised to improve the RFK experience......Face facts, they say a lot but they do very little for fans. You and ABM can live in your own worlds if you like and yes they never promised this or that, and no, there was no written contract with fans to improve RFK but over time the trend is very clear to those who are not wearing rose colored glasses.

Read the posts and you see more and more long term supporters and some as single minded as ABM in past months are now questioning the commitment to fans and marketing the team. They ‘forgot to get players lined up in the fall and are having trouble contacting them know”, Nats must have the worst FO in all baseball.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that Washington's baseball history will be on display in some form during the first month(s) of the 2008 season. It could be merely a mural in the club level, but it's a start. This team appears committed to honoring baseball's past in DC.

Anonymous said...

Come on Anon. Lay off the Nats and the Nat's FO. The only promise that I want kept is for them to build a winner.

As for the DC Hall of Fame. Great idea. But I want Gossage, Rice, Judge, Bluge, Sievers, Vernon, Killebrew, Farrell, and Howard represented. The team can do a big favor to me if they would stop replaying highlights of Andre Dawson on the Washington Nationals Web Page. Did his exploits happen here? No. So why would I want to see it on my hometown team's web page? Show me a Killebrew homer instead.

Anonymous said...

6th and D,

I can agree with you on both Killer and Winning so let's look at the winning thing then.....need pitching and reading Wpost notebook on between the lines and guess what...he is not going to be healthy again. Nats are not going to win until they face the reality that they have NO STARTING PITCHING again, same issues again. No progress for 2008. Chico, Lannan, Basick, Redding, we got nothing but a quick burn of pull pen by June.

Anonymous said...

SBF, get your head out of your ass!

Are you that much of a cheerleader that you completely have missed the point of getting fans excited for the Nationals before they even play their first game. This team and the Lerner Group in terms of their marketing and PR is asleep at the wheel.

Really, a multi-million dollar operation who depends on a public trust to watch them should do a lot more in terms of getting their fans excited and marketing the team. The new ballpark is an excuse for their ineptitude on the PR front, and they have failed.

Taking people's money is one thing, showing your fans that you care is another.

Anonymous said...

Dear SBF-

You know, you seem like a nice guy, which is why it makes me sad that you don't yet realize that i'm playing you for a sucker. I'm not quite sure what all the hubub about us not having a Fanfest is from some of these commenters. I mean, you people act like we actually give a shit about the fans to have a Fanfest to begin with! Lets be honest here, we really don't. I mean, do you even fathom how much money the Lerners and i are making off you people? It's quite a bit, let me assure you. But in case you haven't heard, we've got your future main man Aaron Boone making an appearance at the Washington Auto Show! Why have a fan favorite like Zimmerman or Dmitri when you can get someone who didn't even play for the Nats last year to meet and greet you loyal fans! I mean, if only you knew how much it would cost us to get Zimm or Meathook to come to this thing. Too much for the Lerners, i assure you (a little secret between you and i-they don't really know what's going on anyway).

But we'll keep on playing you (and all the others whose eyes the Nats can do know wrong in) because a) we know many of you are pushovers having not had a team for so long and that b) if you (SBF) write one negative thing about the way myself or the Lerners are running the team, you won't be allowed in the same galaxy as us at these press events which you have special access to. You're my buddy now, but that could easily change.

Until then, keep sticking up for us and GO NATS!!

Oh, and by the way, some season tickets might be late this year. It's ok though, we'll do better next time, we promise-just don't cross your fingers.

Your friend-
ntr Stan

Edward J. Cunningham said...

It doesn't take a genius to realize that the Nats' number one priority this offseason is to get the new park finished and operational as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing a full FanFest next year at Nationals Park after they've worked all the kinks out.

As for the third anomyounous on this thread (or "Trendline"?), who still has not figured out how to click on the "nickname" option at the bottom, I have a few words. It's one thing to complain about Nats management, but if you keep up with the personal attacks your posts will be deleted and you'll have to figure out how to start your own blog to get attention. I appreciate SBF's efforts to keep Nats fans informed, but I don't appreciate your efforts to prove you're the biggest @-hole on the block.

Anonymous said...

Not me....and I am fine with your policy of deleting posts that you do not like or attack others, just make sure your apply it to "all reasonable people" as you see fit.......

- Trendline (oh and I don't like the URL listing requirement (I do not have one but I guess I could just post a random one if are having tough time with this tag....))

Anonymous said...

Boone at the Auto Show....that really is starting to sound and look like that great movie "Major League"

Anonymous said...

If the Nats do not want to or do not feel a fanfest is a priority, fine.

However, at RFK in Septemeber, during one of the three dates the stadium opened early for a "special STH event," Stan Kasten stated in no uncertain terms that a fanfest would occur this offseason.

Just because some people on this blog were not in attendance the day the comment was made does not mean it was never said.

When the President of the team unambiguously states a fanfest will occur, and then a fanfest does not occur, that is a broken promise.

Anonymous said...

An Briosca Mor--That's a rocking and great comment--And DEAD RIGHT!!

Uh...ops maybe Stan talks to someone other than me?

Anonymous said...

scratch me and go with SBF please

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I've always left the URL box blank when I've filled in my nickname, and my posts have come through fine. Maybe Blogger puts the box there for those who do want to point to their webpage, but I'd agree that they're not making it clear that a URL isn't required.

Anonymous said...

URL is required for me but if it helps you I will just make one up each time I post....I am not willing to get a Google BLOG ID and get on even more junk email lists.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

First, a quick apology to Trendline. I was unsure if the "Anomynous" who posted a nasty attack on SBF was him. Since it wasn't, I'm sorry for thinking it was. It doesn't really matter if Trendline puts "Trendline" in the nickname box or adds "---Trendline" to the end of his posts. Either way will let us know who he is.

And here is another safe prediction---if Trendline winds up being correct and the Nats let Ryan Zimmerman go to another team simply because they would not sign him to a multi-year contract, then many Nats fans---not just Trendline---will have reason to be upset. I've got my fingers crossed that he's wrong.

Anonymous said...

Not a problem,

I do think that the temptation to underpay Zim for the next few years will then lead to problems. Lerners will then not take the years of under paying of Zim into account and will try to sell the fans on the whole draft picks in return Alfonso defense.

While this should not happen the trend this team has already set is to get value (be cheap) and then yell foul when it is time to pay people.

Anonymous said...

1. Fanfest are for families with kids.
2. This year is about a new stadium, not families.
3. FanFests are run by teams with along term commitment to players so they can sell the faces of their team to their younger fans (kids).
4. The faces of this team are Mark, Stan, Jim & Manny. Kids don't want to meet these nice people.
5. Players get involved in a community when they know they will be in the community for a long time. No player (not even Zimmerman)on this team feels this commitment from the Nats. So no one on the 40 man roster lives in the area year round.
6. We probably won't see long term commitment to players by this team until next year at the earilest. Remember this year is about the new stadium.
7. No Fanfest is just another example of corporate baseball not marketing itself to families and kids in particular. Thus the demographic age of baseball fans continues to get older.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Since the Nationals have marketed Ryan Zimmerman as the face of their franchise and the future of the Nationals, it is in their best interest to nail him down now. In a way, they were a bit lucky with Soriano. Can you imagine the outrage if Soriano had signed a relatively affordable (for the Nats) contract with the Yankees, Red Sox, or worse---the Orioles? As it happened, the Cubs offer was so overblown that even the fans who wanted the Nats to open up their wallets wide thought it would have been foolish to outbid the Cubs. (The few fans who still think the Nats should have paid more are a minority.)

This is not the case with Ryan Zimmerman. Even though he had a "down" year, there were Yankee fans posting on the Nats board asking if he was "available." (This was when it looked as if A-Rod had played his last game in pinstripes.) It's notable that Zimmerman currently has a consecutive game appearance streak going. While I think there is no chance in hell he will beat Ripken, he could be OUR Cal Ripken. Not only a Hall of Famer, but someone who spends his entire career in Washington. If Zimmerman does not live up to his potential, I would still rather the Nats take a chance to lock him down NOW than wait until later, when he may want to fly the coop. In other words, the Nats may repeat (if they are not careful) the public relation disaster the Orioles went through when they let Rafael Palmeiro slip through their fingers. (He ended up signing with the Rangers for less money than the Orioles offered.)

Anonymous said...

Becuase the new stadium is opening in three months, the Nats couldn't put together a Fanfest? The Fanfest is "only for families" and this year isn't about the "familes" (ie Nationals fans, old and young?)

Um, seriously?

Explain to me your talking out of your ass logic Tom, because i just don't get it.

Unknown said...

SBF, hope you and your wife are having a good new year.

While I respect the opinions of everyone who has left their words; however, I agree with those who are expressing their dismay about the lack of a Fan Fest/large event.

I'm sure there were a lot of logistical & other reasons why a Fan Fest could not have been held, but I think there should have been concrete plans set aside to have a large off-season event for fans considering the opening of the new ballpark.

Let's not forget that there a lot of people who cannot afford to go a ball game, or much take their family of 4, 5 or more to a ballgame without sacrifice. Events like this are the only access up close that a lot of people may get to see their favorite players.

It's just my opinion, but a Fan Fest would have gone a long way to getting not only the hardcore fans even more pumped up, but also the causal fan to buy into Nationals fever.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Just one comment. Do not put too much credence on the fact that "x amount" of players do not live in the area. You'd be surprised how many superstar athletes---even those who love their home city and would never want to leave---will make their residence in Florida. You can't overstate the importance of having beautiful women, sunny beaches, a Latino-friendly environment, and--oh yes--no state income tax.

An Briosca Mor said...

"Players get involved in a community when they know they will be in the community for a long time. No player (not even Zimmerman)on this team feels this commitment from the Nats. So no one on the 40 man roster lives in the area year round."

If Zimmerman's not living in the area during the offseason, he's sure spending a lot of time here. He owns a condo in Clarendon, and he's been spotted multiple times at Wizards and Caps games at Verizon Center. So, would you care to revise your remarks? Just because players aren't knocking on your door with a plate of cookies does not mean they aren't spending time in the community. And, as has already been pointed out, very few pro athletes live year-round in the cities where they play. Why should the Nationals be any different?

And as for the worry about Zimmerman bolting to another team because the Nats haven't signed him to a long-term contract yet, it's several years too soon to worry about that. He's under team control for a few more years yet, then he'll have a couple of years of arbitration. If he continues to perform well, he'll get good money in arbitration if he hasn't signed long-term by then. Look at Cordero - he did.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for further supporting my point! Chad is the perfect example, Nats have no plans to sign him now or when he earns his free agent status. Nats have been trying hard to trade him because he is no longer cheap. Trend is clear, it is just too tempting for Lerner to milk Zim now and trade him or let him walk with the rational that he's demands are so overpriced, forget all the years they got at MLB min.

Anonymous said...

If Zimmerman has to go to arbitration with the Nats like Chad, it won't be pretty for the Nats.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Getting back to the original subject, I would prefer an exclusive Washington baseball hall of fame rather than have it mixed in with other sports. I fear that having a general purpose sports hall will dillute the promotion of baseball. That said, an overall sports hall of fame can work if done properly. (For example, look at the new sports museum next to Camden Yards.)

BTW, speaking of Hall of Fame, do the Redskins have a local Hall of Fame open to the public. I'm talking about something that is availabel for fans who AREN'T paying at least $60 to see a Redskins game at FedEx. If they don't, they should. Redskins Park would be a good place to put it, if they put it in an area for fans to visit when the rest of the facility is closed off for Redskins only...

Anonymous said...

"You can't overstate the importance of having beautiful women, sunny beaches, a Latino-friendly environment, and--oh yes--no state income tax."

If this is a pitch to encourage moving to Florida, it is working. (:

Edward J. Cunningham said...

thom202, this probably is just a coincidence, but I know only one other Thom who spells his name with an "h". Your last name wouldn't happen to be Loverro, would it?