Friday, January 11, 2008

The Sign Of Our Times

If Brad Lidge is Guaranteed to receive $5.35 Million in salary for 2008, then "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game" deserves far better. The Signing of Chad Cordero today to a One Year--$6.2 Million Contract is fair for both Our Washington Nationals and Our Number 32. Remember, Lidge, not only lost his Closer's role in Houston, but was traded to Philadelphia--just a few weeks back. Lidge's Career is in flux. Instability, which Chad Cordero's Job is not.

You can go over all the numbers you want--but Chad is a pretty good closer--on a team looking to climb up the ladder of success. Not many relievers have recorded 128 Saves in 4+ Seasons at the very beginning of their careers. Yeah, I know, at times, "The Chief Cardiologist" is downright heart wrenching. But, which closers in baseball have not had more than a few bad days? Even in trouble--Our Number 32 steps right back out there on the mound--never shuns responsibility--and far more times than not--turns his game around.

Pressure is the Name Of The Game in the 9th inning. Ice in his veins--is what Cordero possesses. It also doesn't hurt that he's still young-- just 26 Years Old this coming March.

Even Washington had to realize--if they took Chad to Arbitration this off season--THEY WERE GOING TO LOSE--Big Time.

There was NO WAY Our Washington Nationals could have low balled Cordero in this situation. Any Arbiter, with any real decency, would see the writing on the wall--and probably laugh--behind closed doors, once Chad's hearing was over. Any team offering below $6 Million would never win. And, $7 Million asked for by Cordero--would have probably been too high. This final sum--is an honest value.

At the same time--Our Washington Nationals could have attempted to re-sign Cordero to a Multi-Year Deal. An effort, I would approve of. But, this Franchise seemingly believes that--This Team, Our Team--is currently in a state of flux. Progress has certainly been made in rebuilding from scratch--but nothing is set in stone. No--not yet with Our Washington Nationals.

The announcement today of Chad Cordero to a One Year Contract allows for "The Chief" to prove himself--for the long term--that He's The Man for Our Washington Nationals. The reports that Our Number 32 has been working with a personal trainer, getting in better shape, and hoping to return with a 94 MPH Fastball (his college consistent best)--are good signs that Cordero's taking his career seriously. Baseball may well be a Big Business--but there is also PRIDE INVOLVED--for the individual.

For Washington--there is no long term commitment--this contract is finite. Unless Our Team sees in Chad what fits their bill for years to come--Cordero is now more tradable this July 31st--to a contender in need.

"The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game" received today a salary worthy of his efforts over the past four seasons. And, Our Washington Nationals negotiated a deal that gives them flexibility--for the short and long term futures of Our Franchise.

This is a good deal, accommodating for both, while still allowing both camps to re-negotiate and maneuver at a later date.

No matter what your stand with this deal--this is The Sign Of Our Times when it comes to Our Washington Nationals. Every move--includes a counter move--and in some cases--an escape clause.

Despite all that--Welcome Back "Chief". The African Queen and I are Thrilled that you are back in the fold.


Anonymous said...

The Chief is a very nice guy, and his family (dad and brother) are easy to talk at the game.

While in Montreal, one of our fan had a close relation with Chad dad's. This past summer (2007) we was received by the Cordero family on a California trip, he even slept in Chad's room in southern California.

Here is a link to his trip... sorry it is in french...but the photo are nice.

Anonymous said...

The one year contract ensures two things, one the Nats will not lose an arbitration case this year AND Chad will be traded before the trade deadline.

paul said...

I love Chad, but he's not a closer for a contending team, especially in this size stadium. I hope I am proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

Expose -- merci pour le lien a une histoire bien interessante d'un voyage formidable! (Je connais le francais, malgre que j'ai des ennuis a l'ecrire avec une clavier americaine!)

Cathy said...

Great stories and pictures, expose! My French is really rusty, but I think I was able to pick up most of the story. Sounds like he had a wonderful time! And very cool about getting to sit in the family section and visit players!

Edward J. Cunningham said...

One more thing about Chad. I think the way MLB handled the "Hometown Heroes" DHL promotion was insulting to both Montréal and Washington. But if they had restricted the "Hometown Heroes" to Nationals players (as opposed to AL Nationals or Senators) who actually played in Washington, then I think Chad Cordero would be the best choice for the Nats. In time, Ryan Zimmerman will probably surpass The Chief, but I don't think he's quite there yet. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

DHL promo is water over the dam.

Contract does not mean Chad will be traded this year. It means Chad is getting paid $6.2 mil this year.

Chad's contract is a good "baseball business" deal for the Nationals. The team is not committing to any of their team leaders/stars beyond 2010 because they do not have to. The players see and understand this. This strategy is part of the Plan.

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