Monday, January 14, 2008

Navy Yard Metro Expansion Update

Sohna and I are traveling this week, but while heading to our destination this afternoon--Amy Phillips--Monument Realty's Vice President for The Ballpark District called me on my cell phone. She was ringing to inform me that as of Tuesday--January 15th-Monument Realty will have completed their major renovation additions for The Navy Yard Metro. Except for minor cosmetic touches--all concrete work and reinforcement for customer safety has been completed, per their contract--two months before the originally scheduled completion date.

You may recall my conversation with Amy and The Executive Vice President of Monument Realty--Russell Hines this past October. During that chat both Amy and Russell claimed that Monument's Obligations to this renovation project WERE NOT Seven Weeks behind schedule.

By Monument Realty handing over their major contribution to the subway project tomorrow--Metro can now begin installing Fare Gates and Fare Machines--along with other Metro customer needs to make The Navy Yard Station fully functional come March 29th for Fans of Our Washington Nationals.

"We have completed our major work," stated Ms. Phillips. "Despite the continuing construction of the office building above The Metro Stop--all the safety measures have been finished. Fans will have no problems or concerns leaving the Navy Yard Metro Stop. It will be safe for use."

"So--if I write that Monument has completed their work," replied SBF. "I would be correct in reporting this--after all that's been said, back and forth--by everyone involved?" (We did not discuss the ongoing litigation between Monument and Metro over the purchase of Metro's Bus Garage at M & Half Streets SE).

Amy replied: "Yes, we would love to have you report--and it is correct to say--we have completed our work per the contract."

Just passing along the information provided. Amy's call today was good news for Fans of Our Washington Nationals. One more step closer to making the transportation needs for each and every game--workable.


Anonymous said...

The Navy Yard Metro doesn't concern me nearly as much as the Stadium. There is no way that from what I have seen that the stadium is 2 months away from completed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Joe. Opening night at RFK?

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I respectfully disagree with Senator Joe. I'm amazed at what has been done so far, and I believe the stadium will be finished, or finished enough in two months and 41,000 fans will be able to enjoy Opening Night. They may be freezing their butts off, but they will have seats to sit in...

paul said...

I'm looking forward to opening night(s), but I'm really looking forward to opening DAY, April 12.