Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Nationals Park Exterior Shots

On the way home from yesterday's Winter Tour Event at The DC Convention Center--Sohna and I detoured over to South Capitol Street to update the exterior shots of New Nationals Park. From South Capitol at Potomac Avenue (standing on the SW Corner) there is a fine shot of the Entire Stadium. NATIONALS in red is now up on the Ballpark Front--placed just above the Stars & Stripes Club Glass Windows.

The African Queen and I especially enjoyed the sight of looking north--directly up South Capitol and seeing The US Capitol Building looming on the horizon. It was nice.

Here are some more of the photos:

National Offices--attached to the SW Corner of New Nationals Park

Left Field Line Concourse/Upper Decks--Home Plate would be to your right if sitting in the seats

Looking South on South Capitol toward Douglas Bridge

West Parking Deck at South Capitol Street

HDTV Scoreboard--seen through the stadium--standing on South Capitol

Centerfield Restaurant & Press Box seen from N & Half Streets SE

And finally--Navy Yard Metro Renovation--Half & M Streets SE (Remember--the Monument Building being constructed above--does not need to be complete before The Metro Stop Opens)

Sohna and I are not construction experts--but the feeling we both gathered on this brief visit was: They've got a long way to go--before completion. Sohna commenting: "Are you sure we are going to be sitting in our seats in about two months?"

Good Question--But Ready Or Not--We'll Be There.


Anonymous said...

three+ months to go...

Edward J. Cunningham said...

I think you'll be sitting in your seats, but I would not be surprised if the stadium isn't 100% complete. They've admitted that the retail stores won't be open for Opening Day. But it will be complete ENOUGH, and I think the transformation will be complete by Memorial Day at the latest.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. But I am worried this stadium will not age well. What will we think of it in 20 years? Wish they had gone with a monument look or retro look.