Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The HDTV Scoreboard

Our Good Friends Colleen and Jeff called tonight to let me know that they personally drove over to South Capitol Street to check out the test run of New Nationals Park's HDTV Scoreboard.

All day long--the NatsStadiumCam has offered up glimpses of the video screen in action. Colleen reports that the picture quality is fabulous--"Crystal Clear, like watching in your own living room," she says. And, the video being shown tonight--Smithsonian HDTV. Earlier in the day--Directv and Science Channel appeared to be broadcasting on the big screen.

The still shots from the StadiumCam certainly doesn't do the scoreboard justice.


Anonymous said...

I agree SBF, for those of you that haven't been by the stadium site-that scoreboard is absolutely magnificent when seen up close. It is huge!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Colleen and Jeff - How big is the REMOTE!!! :)