Thursday, November 08, 2007

Odds & Ends Upon Returning Home

Alot of Little News Bits about Our Washington Nationals while I have been out of the country for the past 6 days. So, to catch up--here are a few of my thoughts.

Our Washington Nationals have announced that surgery was successful for Ryan Zimmerman's broken wrist bone.

Here's the entire Press Release:

Ryan Zimmerman had successful surgery performed by Dr. Richard Barth late Wednesday at Sibley Hospital in Washington, DC. During the procedure, Zimmerman’s fractured hook of the hammate bone was excised from his left hand without difficulty.

Ryan was discharged shortly after the procedure.

He will be in a splint for approximately one week. Upon removal, he’ll also have sutures removed and almost immediately begin light rehab.

He is expected to fully recover in 4-6 weeks.

But, why does history with Our Washington Nationals tell me that recovery will NOT be that easy. Somehow, someway--I am expecting a setback. Not many times, in three seasons of baseball in DC, has just about ANY Washington player come back from an injury during the initial described dates.

Especially after "Z" tells The Washington Post this injury has bothered him for two years. Really? Come On, even I find that hard to believe and bothersome.

Jose Guillen--suspected Steroid User. Too Bad, from the get go--Jose was always an interesting player for Our Washington Nationals. Injuries and his Head Strong ways led directly to Our Former Number 6 never being 100%, but Guillen was fascinating to watch. Definitely a Diva, and sometimes troublesome--but you could bet Jose Guillen will stand by your side to fight the good fight. Always appreciated.

"Livo" wants to return to Washington. Our Former Baseball Ambassador says only if the money is right. Well, Livan--I don't think you will be offered anything other worldly in salary. But, if you are prepared to really return to The City that was enamored with your Ups & Downs--many would most likely welcome you back--including yours truly--Mi Amigo.

As for the Tommy Glavine rumor--again only if the price is right. Glavine, along with Livan Hernandez could provide some short term Veteran Leadership and Innings Eaters. Both Valuable on a young, ever maturing pitching staff. Nothing wrong with that. Besides--if they are decent pickups--they can be traded again come July, 2008.

No--I would rather not see Andruw Jones. A Great Fielder, maybe one of the best of all time in Centerfield. Our Washington Nationals could spend their money more wisely. Jones most likely would draw too huge of a salary. A contract that might hamper the long term goals of the team. The same with Torii Hunter, another great centerfielder--less of a dynamic hitter.

For some time--Aaron Rowand has always been in my sites. A tough gamer. Rowand fights each and every game, something I appreciate. The youngest of the these three centerfielders--for potential costs, plus return on a winning team. Rowand would be my choice for Centerfield Free Agent Signing--if Our Washington Nationals go in that direction.

Now--about that FanFest which Our Washington Nationals say will take place in Bethesda, Maryland. No doubt--the fact Our Team is having such an event is a HUGE STEP in the right direction. Many Fans will welcome the dates. And yes, Our Team SHOULD BE, a Regional Franchise--its the only way its financial stability will be maintained. But, for the very FIRST Washington Nationals FANFEST--with the opportunity for Nationals Fans from ALL OVER to come meet and greet with potentially many players, coaches and team officials--it should be held in DC proper--at The Convention Center--if such a venue was available. For an Inaugural Event--Our Nation's Capital should be the place. If the team wishes to select alternate sites for upcoming years--so be it. I have no problem with that happening. The More Maryland, and Virginia Fans found the better.

Whether I live and support the team from Alexandria, Virginia or not--should not sway that decision. This team is Our Washington Nationals. They play in The Nation's Capital. Have the First FanFest in DC, if possible--from there on--it doesn't really matter. Fans are going to show up--no matter WHERE IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA the event is held. No Matter Where.

As for The Nationals Dream Foundation Gala at National Harbor across The Potomac in Prince Georges County? Fine. The PG County Hotel is providing Free Digs. The Foundation can provide more funding to their charity. You can't complain about that fact, nor can The District. Let a DC Hotel come up with more generous offer--working with the team for that charity--if The District Government has a problem with the event being held outside the city proper. If the event is for a good cause to help others (DC Folks, by the way)--there should be no complaint--just compliance.

But overall--should The District not be worrying too much about these two events? If DC gets extra cash from Our Washington Nationals for Ticket Sales & Concessions above a certain ceiling--should not The District Government welcome the potential recruiting of more and more baseball fans to New Nationals Park. Its a Win-Win, for everyone--definitely The City. Sometimes--Politicians can't see the Forest, for the Trees.

And finally, Bob Carpenter is back as TV Play-By-Play Man for MASN. A One Year Deal. It will be interesting to see how Carpenter & Don Sutton play out. No, not my favorite announcer--but so be it. Now, more importantly--lets get Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler locked up as well--LONG TERM.

PS--That Baseball Field is LOOKING GREAT!!


SenatorNat said...

Excellent point ALL - I am not in favor of either Livo or Glavine - stay the course of growing your own, as in the long run, you wouldn't even recall these two toiling for sub-.500 Nationals. And hold more dinners in Baltimore, as there are many fans not currently engaged in MLB it would seem.

Trust in SBF. All Good.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, SBF! Have you come across any info re the seat relo process? There is word Kasten will "share information about the seat relocation process for season ticket holders" at the turf unveiling ceremony on 11/13.

JayB said...

On the seat relocation......they better be in the mail.....ops....oh no.....please not the same overnight mail that takes 10 days like our tickets last Spring!

Honestly, if they miss this Nov 15 deadline Kasten needs to be held accountable for once in his 10 year. It is time to have a top notch support office and we did not have it last spring that is for sure. Everyone rushed to the Lerners side when the Fox Sports report came out about the nickel and dimming of the Nats......hope you were right and they get seats done tomorrow!

Screech's Best Friend said...

It is my unstanding that the entire seat re-location process has been completed. All that needs to be done is everyone receiving their information in the mail. Mr. Kasten did tell me that everyone would be notified by mid-november. Nothing seems to have changed. His "Sharing" of the information is most likley to give the press further info. Everyone else should know by next week.

An Briosca Mor said...
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JayB said...

I have no problem paying my bills on time.....relocation is just another data point on how the Nats are doing...if they can not meet the deadlines they set for themselves that is interesting. If they can not get invoices mailed that too is interesting.

On you have read, most everyone wants him gone....the reasons for this I started pointing out with many others long ago. Glad you are getting with the times.

An Briosca Mor said...
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Anonymous said...


You can not think of any reason fans want to know where their seats are now after 5 months of waiting and meeting the Nats deadline with deposit cash.....really after 3 years of season ticket money spend and no cash spent on reason at all why we should hold Nats accountable for telling us where we ended up in a timely manor....really?

Screech's Best Friend said...

Mr. Kasten has told me as long as the team gets it right--that's what is important to him--as far as relocation is concerned. He has stated Mid-November as the date that everyone will hear the word on their relocation. That's pretty fair. No, he doesn't want to get caught in a definite time frame--but obviously the process is coming to an end. And, everyone is going to know, soon enough. That's pretty straight forward, as far as I am concerned. Really, what more can you ask?

And, no doubt--no matter what the original outcome of the relocation process--some are going to bitch. Its going to happen, whether this plays out fair, or not. Its just the American Way, of today.

Anonymous said...

I agree that people will be unhappy but the sooner they get the information out the better for the Team. If it is done as you and Stan seem to be saying then send it out. Nats are just making people mad at this point, because all the people waiting have a bad taste from the whole ticket distribution mess Stan refused to take ownership of last spring. It would be good to make a point now that Nats have learned how to treat the STH's they say they respect and take responsibility for their decisions on staffing the front office. No more passes this year (except from the likes of ABM who always has an excuses for anything the Nats do)

VP81955 said...

Now just ban "Sweet Caroline" from the new ballpark, and we'll be in heaven.