Friday, November 09, 2007

Halfway Home

Dave Jageler is officially back on board as Radio Broadcaster for Our Washington Nationals. You have to figure we are just a few more days away from Charlie Slowes officially returning as well. Slowly, but surely--The Nationals Radio Booth looks to be in good hands again.

Although, its interesting how Bill Ladson buries this news, important to all fans, at the bottom of an Andruw Jones story.


An Briosca Mor said...

Bill Ladson likely doesn't listen to the radio broadcasts much, if at all, so this news is probably not all that important to him. Either that, or there has never been any doubt about Jageler coming back, other than what Barry Svrluga threw out there by reporting the "news" that there was no mention of Charlie and Dave's contract status at various points along the way, which then caused irrational panic among the faithful over a non-issue. (Barry and the Post are good at that. They practice that play way too much.)

Now, as to Charlie's signing not being announced yet, could it be that he's holding out either for more money or a change in his working conditions (like perhaps not having to stay around and take calls from imbecile listeners on Nats Talk Live after a long evening of calling the game)? I would have to think that Charlie holds the upper hand in that negotiation. There's never been any statement or even any buzz from anyone connected with the Nats that they don't want Charlie back. Like Teddy, who will win when he decides to win (I read that on the bobblehead box, so it must be true), Charlie will sign when he decides to sign.

Screech's Best Friend said...

an briosca mor--I agree with you. Under the new radio deal with 3WT, another personality will handle the post game call in. Marc Steiner, I believe was the name, but I am not sure. Yeah, you can bet both Charlie and Dave were tired of some of those callers they received, after each and every game.