Thursday, November 01, 2007


Now, its starting to look like at baseball field!! You Gotta Luv It!! And, Home Plate Too!!


SenatorNat said...

And - I think we can just about make-out Flop watching a ball go up the middle of that sod - without moving!

Trust in Baseball. All Good.

JayB said...

Take note I did not say that

I sure hope we do not waste another $5-7 million in 2008 on Plop......the only thing left to find out is how pig headed Jimbo is going to be about it......My guess is very pig headed which means we are further away than we could be by cutting our loss and putting the money into pitching and CF.....If we still had Carroll and/or Brandon Harris how much better would be than paying Lopez to sit the bench and pout?