Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Reasonable Expectations

Your Guess--Is As Good As Mine--As To What Will Happen.

Beginning next week when The Major League Baseball Winter Meetings commence (in of all places--Nashville, Tennessee?). Our Washington Nationals have control. No, they DO NOT have to make any move. But, undoubtedly--Our Team Most Likely Will. You just know, as well as I--Jimbo's itching for a deal. Making THE BIG SPLASH--is just his way. Expectations which many of Our Fans also look toward. Which means to me, If My Man Man!! Ryan Church; "The Most Thrilling Closer In The Game"--Chad Cordero; or "Big" Jon Rauch are on the trading block, as reported--Our General Manager better get something good--in return.

Jim Bowden though has NO PRESSURE to make a move--now. None whatsoever. Our Washington Nationals are Team Building, not necessarily looking to Win The World Series in 2008. Looking to improve, is all Bowden really has to do. He should be a GM waiting to pounce. Jumping--on a "You Got To Be Kidding Me OFFER" from another ballclub that is DESPERATE TO WIN NOW. Foolhardiness, that occurs every single off season The Great Game has ever existed. Some Major League Clubs are not necessarily sharp--when a Championship is close at hand.

Over the past three seasons as the Original General Manager of Our Washington Nationals--Jim Bowden has been nothing short of creative. You have to give him credit for that. Yeah, you can criticize his signing of Cristian Guzman to a four year contract. Maybe nitpick a few other signings (the atrocious Damian Jackson comes to my mind). But, under the circumstances and restrictions of Major League Baseball--Jimbo did well. With no money under MLB's Charming Ownership--DC's new found team competed. And, at least during 2006--provided Washington's Faithful with one of Baseball's Most Exciting Players--Alfonso Soriano. With Major League Baseball in control--fielding a respectable team was the only goal.

A desire which has changed drastically since The Lerners took over control of Our Team.

Our Washington Nationals assuredly want to Win. Not just now--but for years to come. MLB is NOT the NFL. Nor is it the NBA either. In those professional leagues--most teams load up for the short term. Thanks to a need to get under a Hard Salary Cap, which results in rampant Free Agency. Major League Baseball only has a Luxury Tax for Big Spenders. The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox are not deterred by having to pay other baseball teams--their competition--their hard earned money. Except for The New England Patriots in Football and The San Antonio Spurs in Basketball--every other team in those other professional leagues--has never been able to figure out how to work out Wages and Winning--consistently. Ask The Washington Redskins--perennial Off Season Champions In Salary Signings--but, regular season disappointments.

The Point is that Our Washington Nationals are in the drivers seat come next week. Waiting for a GOOD OFFER is Paramount. Yes, they have some talented young players that other teams may want--Ryan Zimmerman, Church, Cordero, Rauch, Jesus Flores and Wily Mo Pena--all come to mind. But that doesn't mean you give that talent away--just to make a move (and just to be clear--I am not naming "Z" as trade bait. Our Number 11 is mentioned to bring forward what a FRANCHISE PLAYER he will become--in Washington). Along with a strong 2007 Entry Draft of Young Players--DC's Team has made great strides over the past 18 months. Piece by piece, Washington is becoming competitive--for the long haul--not to become a lucky fly by night--winner. The Baseball Brain Trust of Our Team has proven formidable.

So, if Jim Bowden does end up swapping any three of those aforementioned trade bait players--Our Washington Nationals better get a TOP FLIGHT STARTER for their rotation--in return. Nothing else will do--for me. As Bowden always states--Baseball is all about "Pitching, Pitching and More Pitching." You can't win without top hurlers.

Remember, a Championship--is not a Realistic Expectation for The Inaugural Season of New Nationals Park. But, continuing to build a Quality Franchise for the future--piece by piece--is not only reasonable--but expected.

No, I don't know what Jimbo has up his sleeve, next week. Although--I have no doubt--Our General Manager is looking to make The 2007 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings Very, VERY Interesting.

What will Santa Claus bring Our Washington Nationals come Christmas Day?


Positively Half St. said...

I don't know what Santa is going to bring, SBF, but we certainly won't have to wait until Christmas to find out. I'd like to think that next week is crucial to the future success of the team, but as you say, we are more than just a single trade away from the playoffs.

Even still, I love the anticipation of the Winter Meetings. I certainly am curious about Bowden's schemes, because he didn't hesitate to trade a fan favorite (Wilkerson) for a big name player like Soriano. I agree that Zimmerman is untouchable, but I wouldn't put almost anything else past JomBo.

Positively Half St. said...

Oops. Make that JimBo.

SenatorNat said...

Well written prelude to the Winter ("Hot Stove") meetings: one does get the feeling that the Nats brass would almost LIKE to swap Chad Cordero, feeling that they may have missed a great chance one year ago, when his stock was at its zenith. But, when you review his three year stats, they are VERY impressive, and HE IS STILL YOUNG.

Probably fishing for a multi-player deal, trolling Chad, Church, and one of our minor league prospects (maybe even Justin Maxwell!) for a proven major league hitter, and a pitcher which can be a decent number 3, is what I am predicting.

Nats brass probably perceives Rauch as a suitable closer, whose fastball might be a better out pitch than crafty Chad in the new park, which is destined to be more of a hitter's park than RFK.

And, no, I do not think that Willie Mo is going anywhere, for the same reason, and the fact he is a former Red - which is a form of insurance in terms of Bow-Bow's bias in favor of his old prospects...

Trust in The Chief - All Good.

Anonymous said...

I still don't believe the Nats will be big player next week. Historically, JimBo is a January dealer? What is different this time around? Expectations? Believe me Cincinati has had expectations for over 100 years.
Rumors, rumors and more rumors and maybe some minor deal is all expect before the new year. Then out of the blue in January a significant deal or two.