Thursday, November 29, 2007

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Busy Schedules and Conflicts has made an expected meeting with Centerplate to be moved back to a later date. Some important parties to the original chat--could not attend the conference. At the same time, for the past six weeks, I have been flying around the country working on a five part series for my television network. My editing of these pieces--as well as--The Annapolis Middle East Peace Conference being held in our backyard this past Tuesday and Wednesday--has made my spare time--SCARCE--to say the least.

But, that does not mean--folks are not listening and paying attention to your earlier thoughts. As promised--Centerplate has received each and every comment left from readers the past week concerning food and concession desires at New Nationals Park on The Nats320 Blog. And, they were encouraged.

As Bob Pascal, Vice President of Marketing, told me this afternoon: "As we discussed before--when you come to a ballpark--its not just always about the baseball game. For us, its all about The Experience. We have alot of exciting things in store. And, we can't wait to share them."

Very soon, everyone involved is hoping to reschedule this meeting. When that event does occurs--you can bet--all the pertinent information, provided will be passed along.


letteddywin said...

Screech;s Best Friend

Scott and John here from Section 320. Looking for seats in your section. Any suggestions. Let Teddy Win!! What row and seats did you get. We're looking to split or maybe get our own full season tickets.

Anonymous said...

SBF said in an earlier post that he and Sohna will be in section 218. I don't think that he identified the row, however.

Section 223 said...

I'm new to this blog and am not quite sure where to post a thought I had while watching the Science channel last night on the building of the stadium. I didn't realzie what a remarkable feat it really is.
I also had a thought as far as trying to show appreciation for the men and women who built this wonderful stadium. I am a Season Ticket holder who would gladly contribute two tickets to a game for some of the workers to enjoy a game. I'd also be happy to contribute to some sort of season ticket seats that could be reserved for these folks. I was thinking $15 seats. I'm not sure how the logistics would work, or even if it is an idea that would fly. From looking at different blogs though, it seems that Screech's Best Friend has contacts with the Nationals front office.
Anyway, thanks for the forum. Hope everyone enjoys the coming season.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Your Main Man has been traded with Schneider to the MEts for Lastings Milledge!

Anonymous said...

According to SNY, the New York Mets are poised to announce that they have traded outfielder Lastings Milledge to teh Nationals for outfield Ryan Church and catcher Brian Schneider

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Some thoughts on concessions at Nats Park.

In addition to standard hot dog fare, I’d like to see a good hamburger offering. The Pizza stands can easily upgrade from the square Papa Johns boxes at RFK. Some of the RFK Mezzanine porch selections were good (Cluck U chicken bites, fish platter, brisket sandwich). Dominic’s was a safe and tasty selection throughout RFK.

Beer: where do I start? Standard Bud-Millers-Coors alone does not suffice.
Make it local: Dominion Ale/Lager plus a rotating seasonal tap. Capitol City. Maybe Fredericksburg Fred Red.
Make it American craft beer: Sierra Nevada, Red Hook, Sam Adams
Make it International: British Ales, Guinness, German Lagers, Hefe weizens, White Ales, Belgian Ales, Japanese lagers, Mexican beers. Maybe even some traveling beer vendors with non Bud-Miller-Coors selections. I got a Pilsner Urquell in the stands at Yankee Stadium last summer. The 6-tap stand on the 400-level at RFK near Section ~428 was definitely a step in the right direction. Of course, we need a good beer stand near EVERY major seating area. I’ll be in the LF Mezzanine, and I’m concerned on the concession selection in that area with only 5-sections of seats to serve. I hope I don’t just get Bud/Bud Lite and a hot dog stand.

I’d like to see a food stand that was titled – “A Taste of the Competition”. It could feature NL East fare all the time and rotate new items during each home stand based on the visiting teams. Some initial thoughts (and I’m interested to hear your thoughts too):

New York – style pizza
Philly: Cheese steak
Miami – Cuban pressed sandwich
Atlanta – Peach cobbler (?)

St Louis: bar-b-que
Houston: Steak, hamburger??? Oil rigger steak burger
Pittsburgh: Pirogues
Milwaukee: Bratwurst
Chicago: Italian beef sandwich, or Chicago (loaded) hot dog
Cinci: Chili bowl or chili dog

San Fran: clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl
San Diego: Fish Tacos
LA Dodgers: Sprout sandwich (help me here)
Colorado: Bison Burger? Rocky Mountain oysters?
Arizona: Southwest Nachos

Texas Rangers: ???
LA Angels: ???
Orioles: Crab cake sandwich Hon

At PNC Park, I once had a nice steak dinner at the Outback while following the game on the TV at the bar and hearing the live roar of the crowd behind me. Gordon Biersch Garlic Fries – I once cleared out a whole section at Candlestick Park with the stench of the stinking rose.

Oh, and of course, I want to still be able to bring my own bag of peanuts to the ballpark.

Let’s Go Nats