Friday, November 02, 2007

It Simply Bothers Me

The Owner of The Seattle Supersonics announces that if The City of Seattle DOES NOT cave in and give him EVERYTHING FOR FREE!!--A New Arena--he's moving his National Basketball Association Team to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Steve Boros, the self proclaimed Super Agent to Professional Sports Stars, is asking $30 Million per season--minimum--for a long term deal for, his man, Alex Rodriguez.

Which all makes me wonder why fans, like me, care so much about OUR HOME TEAMS. Yeah, I know, that's coming from ME. It's all a game. A MONEY GAME. Everyone seemingly is out for themselves, which makes me ponder, at times, whether it's worth all the effort. Truly, it disturbs me. Certainly not a surprise, but it's a wonder, sometimes, why anyone supports professional teams. For years, I LOVED The Washington Redskins. But, Current Owner Daniel Snyder and his Hot Dogging and Forever POSING Football Players have drastically curtailed my enjoyment of The Redskins. The same holds true for The Wizards and The NBA. Never will I enjoy ANY PLAYER making a Slam Dunk--then preening for the cameras--while their opponent runs down the court and scores a quick two. Fortunately, in baseball--if you start hot dogging or preening--that very next pitch is coming right at your head. That's a good thing. But, sometimes, you just have to play the game. Sometimes, the game is not about YOU!! Or, Ownership.

The City of Seattle has given their all to The Supersonics. For 40 Years, that fine city in the Pacific Northwest has treated their Supersonics as their very own lifeblood. Seattle is fine sports town. There is NO EXCUSE for their current owner, Clay Bennett--to gouge that city for every last penny. And, if the city doesn't pay up and give in--move The Supersonics--to a far lesser venue. OKC is not SEA.

You know, I understand sports economics and the all mighty dollar. Money talks, in not only America, but throughout this world. And, I understand that Alex Rodriguez was considered a goat by many New Yorkers. A-Rod wanted to get out from The Big Apple silliness. Honestly, how could anyone blame him. New York is way over the top. Yet still, he is GOING TO BE A HALL OF FAME PLAYER--once his illustrious career ends. But, when will ENOUGH money, be ENOUGH!! Really, how badly does he need all that doe. How badly do REAL FANS, like me, need to suppress their most intermost contempt. I am paying for those Professional Sports Wages. I am sucking it up and paying my hard earned wages so some players can take advantage of my devotion. Negotiating, for what you most deserve is OK with me. Going for the jugular, is not.

I full well know, these types of money grabs are not going to go away during my lifetime. Still, that doesn't make it right. I enjoy sport. Baseball, I love--The Greatest of Games. And, I am devoted to Our Washington Nationals. But, it simply bothers me when GREED takes precedent over EVERYTHING ELSE. Unfortunately, The Mainstream Media hypes it up these day. None more so than ESPN--by coddling many superstars and their agents. Because, If they don't--those media types will never get that next meaningless fluff interview, or access.

When Our Washington Nationals lease is up at New Nationals Park in 2038--my personal adoration might not keep them here. And, Our Team's Greatest Player--whomever that turns out to be--might well ask for $30, $40 or $50 Million per season as well. Believe it or not, his asking price might not keep him here also.

In 1971, I lost My Washington Senators over MONEY. I don't want to lose My Love of The Game AND Our Washington Nationals over Money, and GREED--as well.

Sometimes, Management and Personnel--simply don't get it. They just ALL need to understand--IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT THEM SOMETIMES. Sometimes, it's about The Fans. That's not being idealistic--That's being realistic, and honest.

And All That--Simply Bothers Me.


Chris Needham said...

The flip side of that equation that we often don't think about is that if the money DOESN'T go to the players, where does it go? To the owners.

Is that better?

Screech's Best Friend said...

That's the whole point. Both sides are getting paid, while fans simply have to take it or not support the team.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with your assessment of my Redskins and Bullets. In my day (which is your day too) a character on the team was Sonny and Billy sneaking out of the dorms at Dickerson College to get a beer after George Allen went to bed. Or, Riggo taking a bow after a hundred yard day. Or, Hondo ordering 2 T-Bones and a giant bowl of mashed potatos each night of a road trip. Now, I see Gilbert pouting when asked to please play defense. I see Cornelius Griffin doing a dance after a tackle WHILE DOWN 54 to NOTHING. I too love baseball best, especially Washington baseball. I will try to forget the 33 year insult perpitrated by Cal Griffith and Bob Short and the other MLB owners. They can all go to H****.
Here is an idea to ponder. I want to see a Congressionally appointed commissioner for baseball, and the other sports too. I want to see a hard cap on player pay. How about no more than 2 million per year. No signing bonus. Incentive pay only up to the 2 million limit. Bigger still, I think franhise owners should be forced to sell 51% of their ownership to the municipality in which they play. Teams will truly help the communities where they are located. There would be perfect symmetry between the co-ownership. Who benefits? The fan. As it should be.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

One quick comment about Alex Rodriguez. When I heard reports that his agent, Scott Boras, was demanding that the Yankees extend his contract for $35 million a year for 10 years, one thought came through my mind.

He is doing to the Yankees what the Yankees did to Joe Torre. Basically, he wanted out of New York, but didn't want it to look that way, so he made the Yanks an offer he knew they would refuse.

I don't know if A-Rod will sign for a new team for $30 million a year, but he undoubtedly will get less than Boras' demands---and that will be just fine for A-Rod.

Anonymous said...

6th and d,

I have to respectfully disagree with your recommendation of selling 51% to the municipality in which a team plays. What if the taxpayers don't want the municipality to purchase part of the professional team? Who would determine what 51% of the team is worth? Why should an owner have to sell any percentage of his own property to the government? Unless the owners voluntarily agree to such an arrangement (highly doubtful), the municipalities would have to use their eminent domain powers to do something like this, and I doubt that such a move would pass constitutional muster. All in all, it just doesn't seem like a good idea to me.