Monday, November 19, 2007

4th Piece Of Artwork Approved

PNC Park Photo of Josh Gibson Statue shown for Representation Only

This afternoon I touched base with Tony Gittens--The Executive Director of The DC Commission on The Arts and Humanities. He was very happy to report that a 4th Piece of Artwork has been approved for New Nationals Park. Unlike the Walter Johnson, Josh Gibson and Frank Howard Statues that have previously been announced--this additional piece, by Artist Walter Kravitz (Professor of Painting & Drawing at George Mason University), will be a Hanging (Suspended) Mobile. Site on South Capitol Street--to be determined.

The Kravitz Artwork will be a Generic Piece of about Baseball. The Individual Ballplayers to be depicted will not be wearing any specific Team's Uniform. "I am very happy that this piece was approved last Thursday." Mr. Gittens said. "Since the three statues will be placed in the Main Entry Plaza (between the two parking garages in left center), we really wanted to have something different elsewhere that represents the game itself--not individuals."

No Artist Renditions of any of the upcoming work has been released, yet. "Soon", Mr. Gittens promised. At the same time--the work now begins with The Commission, The Artists and The Family Members to find a working sculpture for the three Former Washington Greats that everyone will be pleased with.

And, to be clear--none of these new artworks will be ready for display until well after the 2008 Season Begins. "I don't want to get locked into any time frame. Although, I am positive nothing will be ready for Opening Day, or anytime soon after that. We also must work with The Nationals, their Game Schedule and other factors, when it comes to the final installation of each piece."

In few weeks time--Mr. Gittens said we will talk again on a further update. Personally, I can't wait to see the working pictures of the final products. When Sohna and I visited PNC Park last Summer--The Statues helped to make The Pittsburgh Pirates Home Field that much more special. Those Statues--along with that TERRIFIC SKYLINE VIEW. What A Park--PNC Truly Is!

Hopefully, New Nationals Park will be as SPECIAL!!


Anonymous said...

I have been to PNC many times.

If our new park is eve 1/2 as nice we will be in 7th heaven!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the Gibson statue has him wearing a hat from the Crawfords and not the Grays. Looks like the jersey represents his time with the Grays and the hat his time with the Pittsburgh Crawfords (1932-1936).

I have a Grays hat I wear so I was hoping to see it on Gibson’s statue, but can’t really complain. Just having him there at Nationals Park is awesome!!

Screech's Best Friend said...

Anonymous: That Statue of Gibson from PNC does depict Josh in a Crawfords Jersey. Others in their Heritage Park are wearing Grays Jersey. This particular Josh Gibson Statue is the Focal Point of the Entrance--Life Size--Really Nice. He was an originally a Crawford Player. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Do our local newspapers or really have reporters that cover this stuff?? I guess they only get paid to cover the Nats for 180 days a year.

Good job Scoop!