Monday, October 22, 2007

Yeah, Charlie & Dave--Again

Since its always a popular topic--something that, not only I have a strong interest in--but many other fans of Our Washington Nationals. Could we PLEASE get some Final Words on the Status of Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler as Radio Voices for Our Nation's Capital's Ball Club?

As I mentioned in the comments area from yesterday's post--Mr. Kasten has always clearly stated to me that he will never negotiate publicly. Negotiations, whether with a player, official or broadcaster, involved with Our Team, will NEVER be discussed until the decision has been made. I understand that policy. But, I also understand the yearning for news of a commitment on the part of Our Washington Nationals. This is an IMPORTANT DECISION.

Clearly, Charlie and Dave are SUPERIOR BROADCASTERS. They are a Fabulous Team, well liked, and enjoyed by THOUSANDS in the Greater Washington, DC Area. Truly, we are lucky to have them. And, we all should be lucky enough to enjoy their talents for years to come on 3WT. Nothing short of Slowes & Jageler returning in 2008 will be acceptable.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!! They have EARNED IT! They Deserve The Opportunity To Return!!

That being said--I honestly believe that silence is not necessarily bad. Both Our Washington Nationals, along with Charlie and Dave are negotiating from positions of strength. Maybe, just maybe--something else might be going on--when it comes to The TV Play-By-Play Position. A Job currently undecided. Now, that's purely speculation on my part. But, its certainly possible that roles are being determined for 2008--that have nothing to do with whether Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler are returning. Could Charlie move to a TV Role? Could Dave move to The Lead Radio Guy, with another Number 2 being added to work on the radio with Jageler.

No, I don't know any inside information. But, I really want to know as badly as anyone out there. As I would be mighty upset, if Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler did not return for Our Washington Nationals Inaugural Season at New Nationals Park.

Yet, I am patient enough to wait everything out. Yeah, it's business--Big Business--but I just can't imagine Our Washington Nationals letting two of the best broadcasters in the game walk.


Besides: As The African Queen says--Charlie SCREAMING--"Another Curly W Is In The Books!!" would NEVER BE THE SAME!!--if broadcast by someone else.

So, Very, VERY, TRUE!!

As Before--Please Mr. Kasten--Just Get It Done!!


Edward J. Cunningham said...

If for nothing else, I think Charlie deserves credit for inventing terms like "curly W" and "Bang! Zoom! go the fireworks!" With all due respect to Fred Manthra (who has not been able to get out of the shadow of Jon Miller), I think the Nats have the legs up on the Orioles in the radio booth---and thanks to the strength of the signal of 1500 AM 3WT, many Baltimoreans can hear Charlie and Dave as well as we can.

There is NO excuse for not re-signing these guys!

Anonymous said...

Have Charlie or Dave made any comment to the press? If not, that could mean they're simply hashing out their contracts with the Nats (maybe a multi-year deal even) and there's nothing really to worry about, unlike the situation with Bob C. who publicly stated he was kind of in the dark until that one-year offer came to pass.


SenatorNat said...

Indeed, as said by Mr. Cunningham, the invention of Bang, Zoom, and a Curly W is in the books are now enshrined in modern Nationals lore - in fact, marketing of the team is premised on world wide recognition of the Curly W as the instant symbol and nominclature for the symbol. Slowes much better on radio, since he gives you the hot sauce which does not translate as well on the cooler medium of T.V. If you move some one over, move Jags to T.V. as he is more bland, as straight man for Sutton. Preserve the IHOP discourse, if possible - very funny.

Trust in the Curly W. All Good.

jim king said...

I believe the passage in the entry about "thousands" of Washington area folks enjoying Charlie and Dave is quite telling. I don't know any figures, but I believe that neither Nats TV nor Nats radio broadcasts are reaching a very large audience.

I do recall a headline about 4 weeks ago that said that the Nats TV audience is the smallest in MLB. And we know that the Nats have never had a bidding war for their radio rights, and have had to place them with a station that would allow the Nats to sell advertising to try to make money off the deal.

Nats radio broadcast rights end up being a marketing vehicle for the club. And the Nats don't seem to place much emphasis on marketing. I don't blame them, since so far they have made good on their promises to plow their dollars into player development.

With the current financial structure of MLB, teams like the Marlins and the Nationals don't have to put fans in the stands to make a profit. So it is not surprising to me that the optics of how the team has gone about concluding deals with 3/4 of their broadcast personalities is not something the team is all that concerned about. Regardless of whether it is acceptable to their fans. The Nationals are a privately held business, and they do seem to be able to focus on their various agendas, regardless of any public relations consequences.

In the end, the identity of the broadcasters will not make a difference in the record of the team on the field.

Edward J. Cunningham said...

Just want to point out that if there is no "bidding war" for the Nats' radio rights, there isn't one for the Orioles, either---at least in the Washington area. WTEM doesn't pay the Orioles to broadcast their games. On the contrary, the Orioles have to pay WTEM to get them on the air here...