Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Does This Ease Some Worries?

Our Washington Nationals have "Officially" stated ALL Season Ticket Packages, whether Full, Half or Partial Plans will be offered Parking Plans in the near surrounding area of New Nationals Park. Although, no price yet offered. At the same time, all fans my choose to Park for FREE at RFK Stadium and take that 7 Minute Shuttle, mentioned a few weeks ago, to and from New Nationals Park. No Charge at all for this service.

A Good Sign. The Parking Situation may be in flux--but at least some choices can now be made by fans.

Now, what about the TRAFFIC SITUATION on GameDays?

Here is the Official Release:


The Ballclub assures that all season ticket holders will have access to parking for games at the new Nationals Park

The Washington Nationals announced today that all season ticket holders will be offered parking for games at the new ballpark. Fans purchasing season ticket packages, including full season, half season and partial game plans, will be able to purchase parking in the area surrounding Nationals Park. Available surface parking spaces and/or garages are currently being designated, and the process is an ongoing one. The Nationals and the District have been working very diligently for over a year to provide parking for their fans.

“We are very excited to announce that, due to the hard work of many, many people, we now feel confident that we will be able to provide parking spaces for purchase by any season ticket customer account,” said Stan Kasten, President of the Washington Nationals. “We understand there has been a great deal of concern and speculation regarding parking availability at the new Nationals Park for 2008.”

For fans without season tickets that choose to drive to Nationals Park, or season ticket holders who choose not to purchase parking, there will be free parking at RFK Stadium with a speedy and free roundtrip shuttle service to the games.

The process of selling tickets and acquiring parking spaces will continue throughout the offseason. More details about parking, including policies and prices, will be announced at a later date.

The Nationals have recently completed the first phase of their season ticket holder relocation process, and those customers who made deposits for season ticket packages in the new ballpark will receive their invoices, seat locations, and additional pertinent information during the first half of November.

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