Monday, October 01, 2007

How Fitting

An intense, exciting ballgame--moving into the 13th inning. Tied at 6 apiece--The San Diego Padres and The Colorado Rockies were locked up in a barnburner. Honestly--it looked like these two teams might play until the sun rises on Tuesday Morning. Then, The Rockies Manager Clint Hurdle made his worst managerial decision of the year. He decided to send MY BOY!! Jorge Julio, out to the mound with the season on the line.

Come On!! Its Jorge Julio!!

There had to be somebody else available?

Looking over at The African Queen--I just started laughing. How many times have we seen this before. When a baseball game counts the most--you DO NOT WANT to depend on Jorge Julio.

As well documented here--Time & Time & Time Again--Number 50 in your scorecard has blown many an opportunity. My Boy!! wears his emotions on his sleeves. Rarely, does he have his head in the game.

And, he didn't disappoint again tonight. Just two batters into the 13th--The San Diego Padres had the lead. A leadoff walk to Brian Giles--followed immediately by Scott Hairston lining Julio's second pitch--over the left field wall--for what appeared to be the DECISIVE RUNS. Jorge Julio had done it AGAIN!! In Dramatic Fashion. The Boo's rained down from all over Coors Field.

What in the world was Clint Hurdle Thinking?

Clint!! Come On!! Its Jorge Julio. Lessons that should have been well learned--Apparently, The Hard Way--By You Tonight.

Wow!! The Julio Saga is quite sad--honestly.

But, then--The Baseball Gods decided that MY BOY!! would not destroy The Colorado Rockies Season. They are one of The Better Stories of 2007. Clint Hurdle got a Do Over. Because, when this game was FINALLY, played out and done--this Wild Card Tiebreaker became Jamey Carroll's Night. Yes, The Rockies with an INCREDIBLE RALLY against Sure To Be Hall of Famer--Trevor Hoffman. A Bottom of the 13th leadoff double by Kaz Matsui, Troy Tulowitski Double to center, followed by a Matt Holliday BLAST off the right field fence at Coors Field that tied this game to bring up Former Washington National Jamey Carroll.

With the ENTIRE STADIUM ROCKING in disbelief--Nick Johnson's BEST FRIEND continued to show his value. With The Season on the line--Jamey lined Hoffman's very first pitch to right field. A short fly that Brian Giles had a play at the plate on. With Holliday rushing home with the apparent winning run--The Padres Michael Barrett completely blocked the plate. So much so--the face diving Holliday completely missed home while grinding his mouth into the dirt. As the ball bounced away from Barrett, Home Plate Umpire Tim McClelland hesitated, but then gave The Safe Call--to give The Colorado Rockies a MOST IMPROBABLE VICTORY.

A National League Wild Card Winner--that replay's showed--Matt DID NOT EVER TOUCH HOME PLATE.

But, it DID NOT MATTER--This AMAZING GAME, a 9-8 13 Inning Thriller!! was decided by Three Players with Close Ties to Our Washington Nationals.

My Boy!! Jorge Julio, 2005 Fan Favorite Jamey Carroll with the Game Winning Stroke; and--of all people--Ramon Ortiz with The Win. Ramon had relieved Julio after Jorge's Blow up in the top of the 13th.

How Fitting--all the way around. An exciting game that left me feeling very proud of Jamey Carroll. Good Guy, The Right Time--and he delivered when it counted the most. Always fun to root for the little guy--especially one that always gives his all.

So, do you think Clint Hurdle will let My Boy!! see any daylight come Philadelphia?

Do you think Trevor Hoffman will fret about his two blowups over the past three days.? He alone--cost The San Diego Padres their 2007 postseason. Even a Hall of Famer--has a terrible streak. Helps to make "The Chief Cardiologist's" sometimes thrilling efforts, a little more palatable. Even The Best of All Time Blow them--more than a few times.

No Doubt though--This was a great game. A GREAT GAME!!--to be remembered for some time.


Anonymous said...

SBF - I thought of you and my son when they brought in JULIO - an event sure to cause apoplexy and disbelief in you two, and many others I'm sure. Especially since in 2 efficient pitches he blew the game on Sunday, forcing the Rockies to come back. Your blog is so positive and warm, and you've had fun more than anything else with the adventures of Jorge theme.

Thanks for the blog all year, appreciate the effort and love your perspective. I can't understand your taste in mascots though, corpulent hip-thrusting avians just creep me out!

Rural VA Nats fan

Anonymous said...

And What Did Jim Bowden get for Jamey C? Who would be better for the Nats......Jimmerez on the cheap or JC at a fair market price? Remember Fick made almost $1 Million this past year.

Maybe Bowden is not as smart as he thinks he is........

Screech's Best Friend said...

Bowden told me personally that he "regretted" selling off Jamey for cash. It was a "MISTAKE"--in fact. He did not realize at the time how valuable Carroll was. If he had to do it all over again--Bowden would have never made the move.

Jamey Carroll would have been a valuable asset over the past two seasons.

Anonymous said...

Jorge Julio should only go in a game if the team has a death wish, how could he still be playing for ANYONE? 23 pitchers were available last night for Clint Hurdle, and he picks JORGE JULIO? As my son would say, "What could he be thinkiing?"
Jamey Carroll, on the other hand, is everything that Julio is not. When he comes into the game, the other players take it up a notch. It is entirely fitting that two former Nationals that gave their all here, and learned baseball the right way, ended this game on a positive note. Jamey Carroll was my favorite player in 2005, and he still is today.
Happy to read what Jim Bowden said about him, I've muttered in several games that "Jamey would not have made that error" "Jamey would have caught that ball" most of the season. He is a spark.
A Fairfax Fan

Anonymous said...

SBF, Thanks for the input from Jim Bowden on Jamey. Having watched the Nats in 2005 as a STH. How did Bowden miss what he brought to a team. This blind spot he displays does not give me a warm feeling on him being in charge of the building process.

Anonymous said...

You're not being fair to Hoffman. He also, if memory serves, blew the All-Star Game.

SenatorNat said...

Babe is a baseball player's name; Trevor is a tennis player's name!

Is there any chance that Holliday actually somehow got his hand under the left shoe of the catcher - seriously. Even for a split second. I do not think any camera would be able to have picked that up - his whole body was sliding into and past the plate on the right. It seems like he could have touched it with that right hand coming by. Perhaps not.

Great post-game moment with Jamey C - where he alludes to both his parents in heaven, cheering Holliday in from third, and learning from the interviewer that Holliday had apparently hurt himself on the head-first slide. Total bedlam reigning...Jamey C is a great guy - but he is a .220-styled hitter when all is said and done...

Nats' Kasten brilliant on Nats Extra (?) last evening on 1500 AM - that guy is the ultimate salesman, terrific energy and smarts, and good with fans over the radio. I am in the tank for that guy. Bascik calls in to inform the host and Kasten that he is driving to Bristol, CT to be part of ESPN something or other. I am happy for him, but, as try as he did to pitch himself for a return as a National, and as much as Kasten was graciously willing to credit him for coming in at the low point for Nationals starters and giving it his all - he is the worst pitcher on the staff at the end of the year. Please, please, go into announcing Ole 756, and leave the pitching to others.

Trust in Replay. All Good.

paul said...

To quote Robinson, "If Carroll's gone, I'm gone."

Anonymous said...

I love that one, did Frank really say that? How did I miss it? Thanks for the quote Paul!

SenatorNat said...

Frank was referring to Carrol O'Connor, though, I believe...All in the Family, either way...

Trust in Edith. All Good.